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The company is working on installing it in the Ricla Town Hall, and it is expected to be up and running this summer.

This lift is the third that Magaiz has installed in the Aragonese community and the first that is being put into operation for a public administration such as the Ricla Town Hall, in the province of Zaragoza, and which will also be for public use .

“We are undertaking its installation and the forecast is that it will be up and running this summer,” Ana Martínez, CEO of Magaiz, a company specializing in elevators and accessibility solutions, told

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Magaiz had previously installed two solar elevators in Aragon in neighboring communities of Zaragoza , now taking an important step with this solar elevator for the town hall and that can be used by the public that comes to the town hall.

“The solution is the same as the one we have already installed. It is no different. What is needed is for it to be an electric lift in order to switch to solar,” adds the CEO of Magaiz, who stresses that “the lift is still connected to the electricity grid to ensure 100% viability and safety” for those periods in which solar energy or batteries are not available, situations in which the conventional electricity grid would be in order to continue operating.

Solar elevators are still difficult to introduce despite the fact that they have advantages such as “the more use of solar energy, less electricity and less cost”. In addition, these installations have batteries to avoid entrapment of people in the event of a power failure, not being noticed in its use that it is a solar elevator.

The start-up of this third elevator in Magaiz -it is the only elevator company in Aragon that has installed solar elevators- coincides precisely with the first year of installation of the first one in neighboring communities. A period in which the company has followed up, in addition to collecting data to check its efficiency and results.

The study carried out has made it possible to verify that the Magaiz solar elevator in the Bombarda-Monsalud neighborhood, in Zaragoza, and in an 11-storey building works. Specifically, the data relating only to the month of May reflect that, of the total energy required for the elevator to work, 44% came from solar energy , thanks to the P2S installation with which a simple integration of energy is achieved obtained from the sun for the operation of the elevator.

In addition, the data also indicates that, during all the hours of sunlight on each day of the month, the source of the energy to power the elevator was exclusively that of the sun, thus ceasing to consume that from the electrical network. In this way, it was possible to reduce energy consumption, apart from extending the life of the device and being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

The solar elevator, which is already being marketed by Magaiz, in turn represents economic savings , since, although an initial investment is required to install the solar panel and undertake the adaptation of the installation, savings are made with the use of the solar energy.

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