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The Moundbuilder golf team placed tenth in a 14-team tournament on Tuesday at the Eagle Spring Classic. The tournament was held in Bartlesville at the Hillcrest Country Club.

Daren Reed, biology junior, scored a team-low 161 and shot 17-over-par, which put him tied for 34th. There were 82 golfers in the tournament altogether.

“I did not play very well, but that was a very difficult course,” Reed said. “It’s just how the game is. You have to be completely focused every second you are on the course.”

Jefferson Cook, business management freshman, and Will Harbeson, accounting freshman, tied for best individual round. Each golfer scored a team-low 77.

“I tried to go into each round thinking positive thoughts,” Cook said. “I took each hole one shot at a time and I try to put myself out of bad positions to give myself the best possible score on a hole.”

The weather was a factor at the tournament. During the second day of the tournament, rain caused the tournament to be postponed for an hour.

“All of the guys were playing chess during the rain delay,” said Tim Jasper, head men’s golf coach. “It was a good way to keep their minds sharp and ready for when it was time to go back onto the course to compete.”

There were several KCAC teams representing at the tournament. Oklahoma Wesleyan, Bethany, Sterling, Kansas Wesleyan and Bethel were all competing. Southwestern posted better scores than Bethel and Bethany, but was outscored by the other KCAC teams.

“It takes some adjustments, but you have to be able to adapt to each hole,” Harbeson said. “Being able to pick up where you left off the last day and playing the best you can every stroke is what it takes to be a great team.”

It has been a bumpy start for the Moundbuilders. With the spring season in its early stages, there is still plenty of time to fix mistakes and right wrongs.

“I think we need to work on our ball striking and putting for the next tournament,” Cook said. “We have to be able to put ourselves in a position to make birdies and pars. If we improve on these things, then we should put ourselves in a great position to win tournaments.

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