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Jamie Adams is the new athletic director for Southwestern College. She is originally from the Kansas City area and graduated from Missouri State University. She previously served as the assistant athletic director at the College of Saint Mary in Nebraska. Before that, Adams was a championships director at the NAIA National Office for nine years in Kansas City.

When Mike McCoy retired, the spot opened up, and Adams knew this is where she wanted to be.

“The college hired a search firm and I was contacted by a head hunter about this position,” Adams said. “I looked into it and was really interested in this opportunity to work here at SC. I looked online to see what the teams were doing and at the history and tradition of this institution, and I knew I had to throw my hat in the mix.”

With being a college with so much history and background information, Adams had a lot to learn.

“I am currently at the end of my second week, so I am doing nothing but learning right now,” Adams said. “But, I can tell you as I was looking at the school that this institution is rich in history and traditions. I asked my tour guide if the rock-throwing event was really a thing, and as we were standing by the mound talking about it, someone threw in their rock because they had missed the ceremony.”

Even though Adams has only been here for a short amount of time, she has already made an unusual friend that comes into her office every day.

“The lazy Jinx cat sits on my desk almost every day for his afternoon nap,” Adams said. “I have been sending pictures to my friends back home when he comes to visit me. They think it’s great!”

Coming in midseason, Adams has had quite a few questions to help her get her feet on the ground. She has been happy that the staff here are willing to help.

“Everyone here is excited and ready to assist me,” Adams said. “I have had questions upon questions, and people have been so gracious in pitching in ideas or answers, making this an easier transition for me.”

Edward Loeb, faculty athletic representative and professor of mathematics, had previously served as the interim athletic director in between McCoy’s departure and Adams’ arrival.

“My initial role was to serve as the interim athletic director to try and keep athletics running in an effective way,” Loeb said. “When the school announced Jamie as the successful candidate, my job was to help acclimate her to the college, make sure she had all the right contacts with people, made sure she understood some of the processes and let her know about the current projects that we are working on right now.”

Loeb had no doubt that Adams would do a great job as the new athletic director, due to previously meeting in the NAIA office.

“I was very happy to see Jamie in that role, because we had crossed paths a number of times prior when she worked in the national office,” Loeb said. “I knew her, and I knew she was going to be a successful candidate for this position. I am very pleased with the work that she has done so far. Her willingness and ability to jump in and get things going just makes me very excited to see where this athletic program goes.”

Kyle Pond, associate athletic director, sat on the interview committee and met up with each of the athletic director candidates individually.

“Jamie brings a lot to the table,” Pond said. “The two of us collaborate really well, despite having two perspectives from two different backgrounds and two different situations.”

Pond has confidence in Adams’ current and future endeavors as the new ad at SC.

“Her experience working for the NAIA and an all-female college is something that we haven’t had before,” Pond said. “She has a very level head and is very organized and I am ready to see what she will do for this program.”

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