ABOVE: Alexa Powers, biology freshman, enjoys the weather in her hammock. In the spring, many students have met up to hang out and relax in their hammocks. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Mallory Graves

Staff reporter

Spring. It can bring out the best in people as they anticipate the summer.

Alexa Powers, biology freshman, enjoys the weather. “I like it because it has been warmer out, that’s for sure. I don’t like being cold,” said Powers.

Powers is on the tennis team. She said, “I am more motivated to go hit if it’s warmer. If it is cold, I wish that practice would be canceled, because it is hard to want to go practice in the cold. Your overall performance is better because you can move around easier-you are more loose. When it is cold you get pretty stiff, and you don’t want to move at all.”

“I think I’m generally a happy person overall, so I don’t think the weather always dictates my mood. Maybe I am a little happier because you can be outside more, and do more things instead of being confined to your room,” said Powers.

Meghan Kindred, psychology junior, is also on the tennis team. “I think with warm weather, especially for someone like me, I like to be outside, and there’s more stuff that you can do to be active and be in the sun. I personally like warmer weather over cold and rainy weather,” said Kindred.

Nice weather has been known to affect those in other spring sports.

Kailey Koomen, psychology freshman, is on the track team. She said, “Warm weather makes me want to wear shorts and sandals, and makes me want to go hammock outside with friends.”

Koomen said, “I’ve lived in Kansas for five years, so I don’t mind the bipolar weather changes, because I feel like I get the best of both worlds. I get a really cold winter, and a really hot summer, so I would say it makes me happy.”

Koomen said, “I love the snow, but I feel like when it is cold outside, you are limited to doing so many things. It is not fun to run outside when it is cold.”

Not everyone can appreciate the winter.

Hayleigh Moreno, elementary education freshman, said, “Warm weather just makes me happy, because I’m from Houston, and it is always sunny and hot there. I am used to wearing shorts, tanning, and going to the beach. It is fun and makes me want to go outside.”

“Personally, I hate the snow and the cold, because I am not used to it, so it doesn’t make me want to go outside. It makes me want to stay in bed,” said Moreno.

Kindred said, “The weather in Kansas is very different for me, because I’m from Texas, and all the bipolar weather really throws me off. When it is consistently warm, I feel like I can get into a better schedule of things and a routine for school.”

Kindred said, “I had never had snow in Texas. My first snow was here, and it was crazy for me. I enjoyed it, because I had never had it, but then like after a day, I was over the cold. It was fun at first, but then you couldn’t do anything, and I didn’t want to drive anywhere.”

Staff members can really enjoy spring too.

Shelley Fisher, faculty assistant for the natural sciences division, said, “I think warm weather makes us feel better because we want to be out and around other people more unless it is too hot and then we are grumpy and don’t want to be around anyone. I’d rather be outside in warm weather than cold weather.”

Fisher said, “This warm weather makes me feel happier, because I can be out and doing things, and I don’t have to be trapped inside. It’s not so dreary, especially now with the time change, the days are longer, so it doesn’t feel so bad.”

Powers said, “I am from Oklahoma, in the Tulsa area, so the weather is the same here as it is there. It is probably less windy in Oklahoma, which is nice. I am used to it being hot, cold, rainy, snow; I’m used to all that.”

Kindred said, “Rainy weather makes me want to stay in bed, and watch movies all day.”

Fisher said, “I have lived in Kansas all my life, so I am kind of used to the weather. I do like it when it’s spring or early fall when it’s not horribly hot, or horribly cold. It is just fun to be outside, and my kids like playing outside.”

Powers said, “At the beginning of last semester, the tennis team went outside and chilled in the hammocks, so I definitely want to go out there soon and do that again.M