ABOVE: President Andrews begins the reception in the cafeteria to recognize employees. Very Important Builders were gifted for the time they have given to students of the college from 5 to 50 years of service. (Cale Eirich/Staff photographer)

By Cale Eirich

Staff reporter

Employees of Southwestern congregated in the cafeteria to recognize each other for their exceptional service over the years. V.I.B. (Very Important Builders) were presented with gifts from the college for their years of hard work, and the effort they have given to the students of the college. Along with recognition of years of service, employees were presented with SGA faculty and staff citations, Fassnacht awards, and the United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award.

Very Important Builders:

5 years: Nathan Clements, Shelley Fisher, Jessica Dibble, Jacob Goodson, Jeremy Kirk, Patrick Lee, Stephen McCann, Charles McKinzie, Greg McPherson, Aaron Pegorsch

10 years: Susan Burdick, George Hindman, Jimmy Holland, Kristin Humphreys, Kristen Pettey, Lock Schnelle, Jason Speegle

15 years: Ray Baldwin, Charles Olsen, Stephen Woodburn

20 years:  Lisa Braun, Tracy Frederick, Michael Tessmer

25 years: Michelle Boucher, Bob Gallup, Ronnie Jenkins

30 years: Allyson Moon, Roger Moon, Timothy Shook

40 years: Bill DeArmond, James Helmer

50 years: Max Thompson

Jacob Goodson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, accepts his gift for 5 years of service at Southwestern.
Bob Gallup, Albright Chair of Physics, and Michelle Boucher, Associate Professor of English, are handed their gifts for a quarter-century of service.
Lisa Braun, Director of Athletic Training Education, is presented her gift for 20 years of work.
Roger Moon, Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech, and Allyson Moon, Director of the Theatre Program, are thanked for 30 years of service.
President Andrews presents Tim Testa with a plaque for his service to Southwestern College.
Bill DeArmond, Professor of Mass Communications and Film, peeks into his gift for 40 years of teaching.
Max Thompson, Professor and Research Associate in Biology, is congratulated for 50 years of service at Southwestern College.