Tessa Castor, Editor in Chief

Tessa Castor is a junior majoring in English with minors in leadership and journalism. Castor is from Clearwater, Kan. and is involved in Leadership, SGA, Sigma Tau Delta, and FCA, and she serves as the SGA Vice President. When Castor is not doing homework or taking photos, she enjoys reading, sleeping, and spending time with her friends. You may contact her at tessa.castor@sckans.edu.





Cale Eirich, Staff Reporter

Cale Eirich is senior majoring in communication.  Eirich is a transfer from Lincoln, NE. and plays catcher on the Builder baseball team.  When he is not on the baseball field or writing sports news stories, he is faithfully following his hometown Nebraska Huskers.  Eirich is also passionate about the Seattle Mariners, and Seattle-based music such as Nirvana.  You may email him at cale.eirich@sckans.edu.





Madison Stumbough, Social Media Editor

Madison Stumbough is a senior majoring in liberal arts and science. She is a member of the discipleship team and is the Director of Christian Education at Grace United Methodist Church in Winfield. Madison grew up in the Kansas City area and loves the KC Royals, KC Chiefs, and the Jayhawks. You may email her at madison.stumbough@sckans.edu.






Bryson Barrett, Webmaster

Bryson Barrett is a senior majoring in computer science. He is a member of the men’s soccer team and likes tacos. You may email him at bryson.barrett@sckans.edu.







Taylor Rodriguez, Photo Editor

Taylor Rodriguez is a sophomore majoring in digital arts. He is a member of the track and field team and participates in all five throwing events. In addition, he is the secretary for eSports and is a member of the Smash Bros. team. You may email him at taylor.rodriguez@sckans.edu.







Lauren Sieh, Staff Reporter

Lauren Sieh is sophomore majoring in communication. Sieh is from Coweta, OKand is a member of the Lady Builder’s golf team. When she is not on the golf course or doing homework, she enjoys reading, listening to music, sleeping and hanging out with friends. You may email her at lauren.sieh@sckans.edu







Jordan Strane, undecided junior, grew up in Stockton, Calif. Strane has thoughts about majoring in communication because he enjoys participating in the field of media writing. Strane has two older sisters, a younger sister and a younger brother, all of whom depend on him to excel in his college career. He used to play multiple sports, before suffering from a serious concussion. You may email him at jordan.strane@sckans.edu.






Christian Terrell, undecided sophomore, is from Wichita. He runs track and enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the mall and playing video games. Terrell hopes to qualify for track nationals in the 4×100. Terrell wishes to start his own full auto service shop after graduating and to someday buy his favorite car, the 2015 Hellcat Challenger, and favorite pair of shoes, the Jordan Space Jam 11s. You may email him at christian.terrell@sckans.edu.






Mallory Graves, communication freshman, was born and raised in Ardmore, Okla. Graves is a cheerleader. She enjoys the publicity and leading the crowd in cheers. In her free time, Graves enjoys hanging out with her friends at the lake and loves spending quality time with her family. You may email her at mallory.graves@sckans.edu.






Stephen Gibbs, communication sophomore, is a student-athlete and the youngest of five siblings from Dallas, Texas. Gibbs is a linebacker for the Southwestern College football team and is very interactive with school activities and events. Gibbs plans to have a career in the radio field and works at the 94.7 Jinx Radio station at the school. You may email him at stephen.gibbs@sckans.edu.





Scott Olney, liberal arts senior, enjoys long walks in the park. He also enjoys taking photos.You may email him at                                        scott.olney@sckans.edu.







Drake Vittitow, communication sophomore, is a student-athlete from Blanchard, Okla. Vittitow will start his first season on the Moundbuilder basketball team this semester. In his free time, he enjoys shooting hoops, playing the drums or watching “Lord of the Rings.” You may email him at jefferson.vittitow@sckans.edu.






Qae Clark, communication freshman, is from Baton Rouge, La. Clark plays on the Builder football team and enjoys shopping with friends, working out and playing Madden in his free time. You may email him qaeshon.clark@sckans.edu.







JC Fuentes, communication junior, is from Mexia, Texas. Fuentes is a student IT tech for the CIC help desk and is the president of eSports. In his free time, Fuentes’ enjoys watching movies, sleeping and playing video games. You may email him at jc.fuente@sckans.edu.







Arthur Anderson III, communication sophomore, is originally from Dallas, Texas. He came to Southwestern to play football because of the scholarships offered to him. His goal for this year is to have a strong, victorious, and dedicated season. Anderson has received multiple athletic achievements during his time on the field. These include All-City, All-District, and All-state. He believes that “All the hard work paid off.” When asked what he misses the most about his home in Dallas, he mentioned “Definitely Whataburger.” You may email him at arthur.anderson@sckans.edu.





Zavyar Swain, communication sophomore, is originally from Dallas. Swain is committed to making and running an organization that helps others traumatized by domestic abuse. Swain enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He has twelve siblings. After a disastrous house fire nearly took his life, Swain was able to overcome the situation and turn it into a lesson on how to have a positive outlook on life no matter what happens. Swain enjoys being a good person who can offer happiness and charity to others. You may email him at zayvar.swain@sckans.edu.





Stacy Sparks, Faculty Adviser

Stacy Sparks has advised magazines, student newspapers and yearbooks since 1988 and has taught at Southwestern College since 2006. She is the faculty adviser to the Collegian student newspaper and SCUpdate.org.

Sparks is an associate professor of journalism and teaches photography, media law and media writing. She was inducted into the College Media Association Hall of Fame in October 2015.

She is an award-winning photographer and has completed photo workshops in Colorado, Maine, Montana and New Mexico. She has shown her work in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama. http://stacysparks.zenfolio.com/