Tessa Castor, Editor in Chief

Tessa Castor is a senior majoring in English with minors in leadership and journalism. Tessa is from Clearwater and is involved in Leadership and 9 LIVES. She also works for the college’s communications office. Tessa has a passion for nonprofit work, and would like to one day have a public relations position at a nonprofit. When Castor is not doing homework or taking photos, she enjoys reading, sleeping, and spending time with her friends. You may email her at tessa.castor@sckans.edu.

Lauren Sieh, Online Editor

Lauren Sieh is junior majoring in communication. Sieh is from Coweta, OK, and is a member of the Lady Builder golf team. When she is not on the golf course or doing homework, she enjoys reading, listening to music, sleeping and hanging out with friends. You may email her at lauren.sieh@sckans.edu

Drake Vittitow, Opinion Editor

Drake Vittitow is a junior majoring in communication from Blanchard, OK. He is part of the basketball team and hosts a radio show where he talks about everything music and sports. You may email him at jefferson.vittitow@sckans.edu.

Taylor Rodriguez, Webmaster

Taylor Rodriguez is a junior majoring in computer science. He is a member of the track and field team and participates in all five throwing events. In addition, he is the vice president for eSports and is a member of the Smash Bros. team. You may email him at taylor.rodriguez@sckans.edu.

Emily Berry, Staff reporter

Emily Berry is a junior majoring in communication with a minor in political science.  Emily is from Cimarron, KS. and is involved in Lady Builder’s Tennis and serves as the SGA Communication Senator.  Emily hopes to pursue a career in public relations within the entertainment industry.  When Emily is not busy with classes and practice she likes to sleep, listen to music, hang out with friends and be with her dogs.  You may email her at emily.berry@sckans.edu

Daegiona Wilson, Staff Reporter

Daegiona Wilson is a freshman majoring in communication. Daegiona is from Wichita, and is involved in both track and cross country as well as the worship team. When she is not running or in class, Daegionia loves listening to music. You may email her at daegiona.wilson@sckans.edu.

Lathe Cobb, Staff Reporter

Lathe Cobb is a freshman majoring in communications . Lathe is from Rose Hill and is a member of the men’s soccer team. When he isn’t at the soccer field, Lathe is taking pictures for BuilderSports. In his free time he can be found in a hammock or kayaking in the outdoors. You may email him at Lathe.Cobb@sckans.edu.

Mallory Graves, Staff Reporter

Mallory Graves is a sophomore majoring in communication. She is a Student Ambassador, a member of StuFu and is on the cheer squad. She is from Ardmore, OK. When she graduates, Mallory plans to pursue a career in marketing communications. You may email her at mallory.graves@sckans.edu.

RJay McCoy, Staff Reporter

RJay McCoy is a junior majoring in communication from Wichita. He is a member of the baseball team here at Southwestern. When RJay isn’t on the field or in class he likes to sing, play the piano and hang with friends. You may email him at Rjay.McCoy@sckans.edu.

Shawn Knepper, Staff Reporter

Shawn Knepper is junior majoring in musical theater. He’s a member of Campus Players and Tonebuilders and has been involved in every production at S.C. When Shawn is not busy at rehearsals or doing homework, he enjoys reading new books and plays, hanging out with friends, cooking, sleeping and leaving his mark on the world. You may email him at shawn.knepper@sckans.edu.

Shawn Morris, Staff Reporter

Shawn Morris is a freshman majoring in communication from Dallas. He is a member of the Football and Discipleship team. When Shawn isn’t on the field, he can be found playing multiple other sports as a stress reliever. Debating is another hobby he enjoys. You may email him at Shawn.Morris@sckans.edu.

Stacy Sparks, Faculty Adviser

Stacy Sparks has advised magazines, student newspapers and yearbooks since 1988 and has taught at Southwestern College since 2006. She is the faculty adviser to the Collegian. Sparks is an associate professor of journalism and teaches photography, media law and media writing. She was inducted into the College Media Association Hall of Fame in October 2015.

She is an award-winning photographer and has shown her work in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama. http://stacysparks.zenfolio.com/