TessaTessa Castor, Editor in Chief

Tessa Castor is a sophomore majoring in English with minors in leadership and journalism. Castor is from Clearwater, Kan. and is involved in Leadership, SGA, Sigma Tau Delta, and FCA, and she serves as the SGA Vice President. When Castor is not doing homework or taking photos, she enjoys reading, sleeping, and spending time with her friends. You may contact her at





Tanner Carlson, Assistant Online Editor

Tanner Carlson is a senior majoring in communication with an emphasis in radio and television. When he isn’t writing intriguing news stories for UpdateSC he is cheering on the Builders from the student section. Carlson is also the general manager for Jinx Radio. After graduating, he plans to go into sports broadcasting. You can contact him at





Katherine Cox, Photography Editor

Katherine Cox is a freshman majoring in early childhood education with a minor in psychology. Cox is from Augusta, KS. Cox is involved in newspaper, ENACTUS along with EdBuilders. When Cox is not in class she enjoys facetiming her dog, reading a good book, and taking naps. Cox has been on a newspaper staff since high school. You may contact her at





Chris Campbell, Copy Editor

Chris Campbell, communication junior, is a native of Bloomington, Ind. He hopes to use his degree to be the director of creative media for a collegiate team or athletic department. After transferring from Newman University, Campbell now plays for Builder baseball. Campbell has played baseball for 17 years, and he said he believes the sport teaches learning despite failure. You may email Campbell at





Cale Eirich, Social Media Editor

Cale Eirich is junior majoring in communication.  Eirich is a transfer from Lincoln, NE. and plays catcher and outfield on the Builder baseball team.  When he is not on the baseball field or writing sports news stories, he is faithfully following his hometown Nebraska Huskers.  Eirich is also passionate about the Seattle Mariners, and Seattle-based music such as Nirvana.  You may email him at





Madi Adams, Yearbook Staff

Madi Adams is a sophomore majoring in business administration. She is on the yearbook staff and contributes to The Collegian. You may email her at







Arthur Anderson, Yearbook Staff

Arthur Anderson is a a freshman majoring in communication. He is freshman class president,  and is on they yearbook staff and contributes to The Collegian.  You may contact him at






Carlos Blocker, Staff Reporter

Carlos Blocker, communication junior, moved to Kansas from Houston, though he is originally from St Louis. His enjoys working on the radio station and playing basketball and baseball. Blocker is on the basketball team, and his other hobbies include producing music and clothes. He has performed his music, produced on Sound Cloud, and he has has created his own clothing line. You may email Blocker at





Meagan Brady, Yearbook Staff

Meagan Brady is a sophomore majoring in business in computer information. She is on the yearbook staff and contributes to The Collegian. You may email her at







Ibrahim Alkhazraj, Staff Reporter

Ibrahim Alkharazraj is a junior majoring in computer science. You may email him at







Jason Allen, Staff Reporter

Jason Allen is a senior majoring in sports management. Allen is from Chicago and attended junior college Richard Daley CC. He transferred to Southwestern in 2016, and is a member of the basketball team. When Allen isn’t occupied with basketball, he loves to listen to music. He likes all types of music rap, gospel, and maybe even some country. You may email Allen at





Emily Berry, Staff Reporter

Emily Berry, Cimarron High School graduate, is a communication freshman. Berry chose Southwestern to be close to her hometown of Cimarron, where her parents reside. Berry is on the Lady Builder tennis team and has played tennis for five years previously. She aspires to one day be a politician. In Berry’s spare time, she enjoys sleeping and playing with her five dogs. You may email Berry at





Daltin Brock, Staff Reporter

Daltin Brock, English junior, grew up in Winfield and graduated from Cowley College before transferring this fall. Daltin likes to read and write, and he chose his English major because he enjoys fiction. He wants to write books and publish magazines. After finishing his homework, Brock enjoys playing video games. You may email Brock at






Jose Chatham, Staff Reporter

Jose Chatham is a junior majoring in communications. Chatham, 26, is the youngest of three siblings. He has an older brother and older sister. He attended a high school of 3000 students, Otay Ranch High School, in San Diego. Chatham has many interests. When he is not studying, he enjoys working out. Afterwards he replenishes himself eating Mexican food, his favorite cuisine.  You may contact him at





JC Fuentes, Staff Reporter

JC Fuentes, is a sophomore majoring in communication. From Mexia, Texas, Fuentes plays football. In his free time, Fuentes enjoys playing video games and is on the E-Sports team. In 10 years, Fuentes would like to live in California. You may email Fuentes at







Stephen Gibbs, Staff Reporter

Stephen Gibbs is a senior majoring in communication. Originally from Texas, Gibbs hopes to one day be on the radio, giving him a head-start for launching his music career. When he is not playing football, Gibbs enjoys making music and eating barbecue bacon burgers, which are his favorite food. You may email Gibbs at






Jordan Hall, Staff Reporter

Jordan Hall is a freshman majoring in communication. From Orlando, Fla., Hall enjoys eating shrimp and playing basketball. Hall has been playing basketball for seven years now and hopes to continue. During his free time, Hall likes to watch the Dark Knight, which he claims to be the greatest movie ever made. Hall hopes to one day become a very successful movie producer, and he truly believes his dream career can be a reality. You may email Hall at






Chandler Hall, Staff Reporter

Chandler Hall is a sophomore majoring in communication, with hopes of going into youth ministry. Hall, a native of Arlington, TX, plays on the Builder men’s soccer team. Chandler likes to be involved in the community, whether it is going to events or helping out his neighbors.  In his free time Chandler enjoys relaxing in coffee shops and playing ping-pong.  You may contact him at






Brian Lane, Staff Reporter

Brian Lane is a sophomore from Lexington, Ky. A graduate of West Jessamine High School, Lane is a member of the Discipleship team. Over the summer Lane started his training as a volunteer fire fighter. One of Lane’s hobbies is working out in his spare time. He also considers himself to be a person who enjoys camping, fishing, hunting and being outdoors. You may contact him at






Layne Phillips, Staff Reporter

Layne Phillips is a freshman majoring in communication. Phillips is from McLoud, Okla., and has played sports all of his life – though basketball has always been is favorite. He feels blessed to be able to attend college, and competes on the football team as a tight end. You may contact Phillips at






Lauren Sieh, Staff Reporter

Lauren Sieh is a freshman majoring in communications. Sieh is from Coweta, Oklahoma and is a member of the golf team. Her favorite thing about Winfield is the small town feel that reminds her of home. Outside of golf, Sieh enjoys listening to music, specifically classic rock and pop. She also loves her 12 year and 4 month old dogs. You may email Sieh at







Stacy Sparks, Faculty Adviser

Stacy Sparks has advised magazines, student newspapers and yearbooks since 1988 and has taught at Southwestern College since 2006. In addition to serving on the advising team for, she is the faculty adviser to the Collegian student newspaper and Moundbuilder yearbook.

Sparks is an associate professor of journalism and teaches photography, media law and media writing. Stacy Sparks was inducted into the College Media Association Hall of Fame in October 2015.

She is an award-winning photographer and has completed photo workshops in Colorado, Maine, Montana and New Mexico. She has shown her work in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama.



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