By Tierney Sutton
Staff reporter

Spring break has come, and Southwestern students are going to make the most of it, whether it is just going back home to see parents, or traveling to a beach destination with friends.

Brianna Hulse, English sophomore, is a Winfield native. However, she is very content staying here for break to be with her family. 

“I would go somewhere else but I don’t have any family out of town. However, that doesn’t make this break any less exciting,” she said. Hulse said she has worked hard this semester and is looking forward to getting a break before the year’s end.

While some students are happy to be going home, others are trying to spend even more time with their friends at Southwestern, only outside of the school setting.  A group of six students are traveling 11 hours from Winfield to Corpus Christi, including Jacob Moyo, business senior.

“I wanted to go to Corpus Christi because my friends are going down and it sounds like a fun time, I also have a friends that live there so it makes it easier to go. If I were to go home, I wouldn’t be doing anything and I would just get bored sitting on the couch,” he said.

Dustin Rivera, physical education junior, is going on a fun trip for spring break, but he is also making time for family as well.  He is going to San Diego, a 22-hour drive.

“I decided to go to California because it’s a beautiful place. I am going to spend time with my family and there is also a plethora of beautiful women.” 

Wherever students are going to be, it seems they are going to enjoy their break to the fullest, whether it is the golden coast or down the street.