ABOVE:  Cecilia Alverez, a middle senior, weaves her way through defenders to get a clear shot at the goal. The women’s soccer team stomped Sterling with a final score of 4 – 0 after the second half.


It was Senior night here at SC and the women played their hearts out on the field. Within the first half, the girls had scored three goals against the Warriors. They continued their attack and superb defense into the second half, preventing Sterling from scoring.

On the team, there are a whopping ten seniors! There is Enneliese Alcantar, defender, Tayler McCaskey, midfielder, Valerie Stuerman, midfielder, Evelyn Rodriguez, midfielder, Cecilia Alverez, middle, Kailee Turner, defender, Brianna Alcorn, forward, Asiah Greene, defender, Alicia Ronquillo, defender, and Alissa Tapp, forward.

Currently, the women’s soccer team has eight wins, six ties, and two losses. They will be playing Friends University at Friends on October 30th.


Taylor Rodriguez is a sophomore majoring in computer science and digital arts. You may email him at taylor.rodriguez@sckans.edu.