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By Tessa Castor
Staff reporter

Students gathered on the Wallingford Lawn Tuesday evening for the annual Rock Painting Party, an event hosted by Student Life to prepare for the Moundbuilding Ceremony. Dozens of students gathered with their organizations, sports teams and friends and painted rocks to be thrown in the Mound.

The 91st annual Moundbuilding Ceremony will take place Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Mound, located south of Mossman Hall. Students, staff and community members alike are invited to attend the event, and they are welcome to throw a rock in as well.

Dean Allen, the ceremony’s founder in 1927, said this of the Moundbuilding Ceremony:

“Let each student come forward, and instructor too, and in token of his desire to build his heart and life and spirit into his alma mater, press the stone on which he has written his name into the soft cement that shall bind the while together. It shall remain there, wrapped up as a token between him and his alma mater that they understand one another and are united forever.”

Tessa Castor is a junior majoring in English. You may email her at tessa.castor@sckans.edu.