This corner is Meghan Kindred's favorite part of her room. The first thing she did when she moved in was make her bed.Lydia Bumgarner's desk is one of her favorite spots in her dorm room. She lives in Cole Hall and enjoys decorating her walls.Tony Mendoza's favorite spot in his room, including his dog, Pond. He lives off campus with 3 roommates.

Art, tapestries, pictures of family and friends and collections from home. These are but a few ways to personalize a brand new residence.

Tony Mendoza, religion and philosophy senior, said, “The first thing I do is fill up the walls. It becomes what stands out in the room and I want to represent the things that I enjoy and love.”

Collaborating with roommates can always affect decoration decisions. Lydia Bumgarner, early childhood education freshman, met up with her roommate over the summer to shop together for dorm supplies and decorations.

Adversely, Mendoza and his roommates took a simpler approach. They filled their walls with art and things that represent them. Mendoza’s favorite personal touches are his Mexican blankets and a tapestry of a world map.

“To make a space really feel complete, I usually decorate my walls. I use a lot of pictures of family and friends around my dorm, and I also like to hang wall decorations that I have collected over the years,” said Meghan Kindred, psychology senior.

However, everyone has a different approach when it comes to moving in.

Kindred said, “We basically split up decorating the rooms and areas that we share. We worked together decorating the bathroom areas, but we each decorated our side of the room on our own.”

For Bumgarner, she starts with the essentials like furniture and appliances when decorating.

“The first thing I do when I move into a new space is organize my stuff into piles of what needs to go where and unpack in sections. Then I start in with the details like pictures and lighting so I have a clear idea of where I want things to be placed on the walls and the look I am going for,” said Bumgarner. “Then I start in with the details like pictures and lighting so I have a clear idea of where I want things to be placed on the walls and the look I am going for.”

Kindred prefers a separate approach to setting up her space.

“The first thing I generally would do is set up my bed. I like to have all my bedding stuff situated, so I have a comfortable place to be while I unpack.”

Bumgarner worked the most on the wall above her bed.

“I have four different pictures from different pieces in my life on one wall and another collage on the other. In the middle of the pictures is my name in big letters that have different scrapbook paper patterns on them. Tying it all together is a string of flower lights to represent my love of flowers and my middle name, Rose.”

Part of the college experience is sharing a living space with others. Here’s what Kindred had to say about said experience.

“Decorating a space becomes so much easier when you are doing it with someone that you enjoy being around. Living with a roommate who has similar interests and tastes makes it a lot easier to make a space feel like home.”