By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

With the conclusion of the April 6 Winfield Commission meeting, Cowley County college students looking for off-campus apartments, but aren’t ready for a full-sized house will now have another choice to consider.

Cole Hall, Wallingford Hall, Sutton Hall, Broadhurst Hall, Honor Apartments, Reid Apartments, Shriwise Apartments and Warren Apartments are all on-campus housing options available to students.

Junior status students or students 21 years of age are also given the option to find living arrangements off campus.

Now students will be given a new option for the upcoming 2015 fall semester.

Amanda Pedaris, property owner, attended the Winfield City Commission meeting at 5:30 April 6 with the hopes that the city would allow her to use the former TFI Family Services building as apartments for student housing.

Pedaris recently purchased the property on 1321 East Seventh Ave. in hopes to give students better options for living arrangements in a small community. The students that apply for the apartments must be full-time students, but are not restricted to a particular school.

“The studio apartments will be for Southwestern students and Cowley students alike. We are hoping to get students moved in by August 1st,” said Pedaris.

The property was previously used as dormitories for the St. John’s College in Winfield before the school was shut down in 1986. The commissioners passed the bill allowing for the student housing to be set in motion.

“All that is really left is to get the apartments up to standard with regulations and codes,” said Pedaris.

Along with passing the student housing bill, the commissioners are also permitting the Cowley County Humane Society a temporary Alcohol permit.

The permit will be used for their scheduled benefit and auction that is to take place April 11 in Baden Square.

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at