I have been raised on movies and television shows. My parents have over 400 movies, my brother has approximately 80 to 100 movies, and I have around 60 movies. So when it comes to binge watching movies and television shows, I can be considered an expert. Though we have numerous amounts of movies we do not have television shows so to watch these our go-to site to use is Netflix.

Similar to reading, watching movies and TV shows can be an outlet for people to get their mind away from their troubles and the problems that are happening in society. If an individual’s imagination is wild enough they could even as they are watching, see themselves in that universe, just like people do when they read.

Whenever there is a break in my schedule you can always see or hear me catching up on television shows and watching movies. Sometimes I use Disney Plus to watch throwback movies and shows that I watched as a child, but I mainly use Netflix to watch new shows or to catch up on series. When I watch content from Netflix I go for stand-up comedians such as Burt Kreischer and Tom Segura. I also watch shows such as The Office, Kingdom, The Order, and The Umbrella Academy.

Binging a show or series does not mean you have to finish it within one day or in one sitting. When I binge a show I finish in a span of two to five depending on the time of the episodes and how many there is in a season. Sometimes binging in one day can be hard to avoid especially if the show is good, I can call myself out on this. This is hard for because with classes being transferred to online I now have more free time to watch things on Netflix, especially in the morning when I do not have work.

I believe that with the COVID-19 outbreak we are going to see more use of streaming sites because people will be in quarantine and there may not be much to do around their house. Some individuals may find that watching television a lot of the time is bad for the body and mind, which it can be if you are doing it in one sitting. To prevent this what one could do is if they are watching a TV show they can watch an episode then for thirty minutes or an hour they could do a physical activity. What my family and I do is exercise while watching a show or movie.

With the release of Disney Plus, Netflix lost quite a few of the movies and shows that were available, but the loss of these films Netflix also gained many shows and movies. With the loss of Disney and Marvel films Netflix also released many more movies and TV shows such as Locke and Key, The Letter for the King, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and 6 Underground. Netflix has also added films that have been out for a while such as all three of The Lord of the Rings films.

The expansion of Netflix content and more time students and even adults that have been sent home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, more people are going to start finding things to do and to watch because of social distancing. With more people staying in their homes they can start getting cabin fever and watching Netflix will not help, but with Netflix Party people are still able to binge shows while watching them with family and friends and also still be communicating with them.

So for those of you with time on your hands, after washing them for at least 20 seconds. Grab the remote and watch Netflix.

Emily Berry reported on this story from her home in Cimarron, Kansas.