Troy Baker, sophomore center, helps a little boy warm up before the clinic starts. Baker warmed up with the boy for about 20 minutes.
Tim Miser, associate head coach, helped introduce the team to the kids. Miser also supervised the entire event. " It is always a pleasure to give back to the community that supports us. We are trying to teach our team how to be servant leaders and giving back is a great way to do that," said Miser.
Jarehn White, junior guard, helped start the kids off with some stretching. "It’s always a great experience to work with young athletes interested in developing their overall game in basketball and it’s and even greater honor they choose Southwestern College. It really shows how popular basketball has become around this area," said White.
Unwana Ekiko, junior guard, Kyrece Mills, senior guard, and Ahmad Pratt, sophomore forward, shows their group different types of passing the ball. When asked what was his favorite part about coaching the kids, Mills said, "It would have to be the smiles on their faces. You can tell that they were eager to learn. They were focus, engaged , and ready to learn."
Greg McCoy, junior center, watches as a little girl makes it in the basket.
Lorenzo Martinez, senior center, Simpson Anderson, senior guard, Troy Baker, sophomore center, and Anthony Hickman, freshman center, stand by and watch the little girl attempt to make it in the basket. Their station was focused on longer throws.
Kenyatta Sewell, sophomore guard/forward, and Jarhn White, guard, are caught teaching their group how to dribble low. After they played a game where with the kids to try a knock the ball out of their hands when dibbling low. " Today was all about giving back to the kids and showing Winfield that we appreciate them for all their support," said Sewell.
Dayton McGroarty, junior guard, and little boy watch in anticipation as the ball nears the basket. "It was a lot of fun to hang out with all the kids, and give back to the community," said McGroarty.
Brent Smith, senior center, Cameron Hunt, senior guard, and Brandon Happy, junior guard, watch to whose ball will go in the basket first. "I enjoy doing this camp every year. The kids are always full of energy. It gives the team a great chance to get to know the people within the community."