By Emily Berry
Staff Reporter

Southwestern Moundbuilders (7-0, 1-0) played their ninth game of the season at Stewart Field House against Sterling College Warriors (2-4, 0-1) for their second conference win with the score 97-77.

It started out slow for the Moundbuilders with the Warriors winning the first point of the game. Brent Smith, junior center scoring 6 points said “This team actually played a lot of different defenses and so it was a little struggle to us at first, but we kind of got used to it, and their shooting as well is kind of hard to guard, so you got to get used to the defenses and shooting.”

By the end of the first half Southwestern led by 15 points.

At the end of the second half Southwestern led by 20 points winning the game. Matt O’Brien, head basketball coach said, “I’m happy that we won, but we missed a couple of assignments, we let number 33 get nine threes at that was one of our focuses to try and stop him.”

With the win Jacob Horsch, senior guard scoring 11 points for the game said, “I thought it was good, I think we made shots, moved the ball really well. I think we could have played a little better defensively but overall not a bad win.” Smith said, “It was expected, they made a lot of threes and we didn’t want that many threes made but we kind of took care of business a little bit.”

When it comes to tense situations during the game players do different things to stay focused. Smith said, “I like to keep my mind set simple I just tell myself crash for the rebounds as hard as I can and just try to push people around and just do whatever I can.” Horsch said, “I just try to clear my mind and just rely on my teammates for support. Sometimes in the game things go bad and you just have to rely on your teammate to pick you up.”

With the second conference win under the teams’ belt O’Brien said, “We try to win one game at a time, one possession at a time. My expectation is that we get better and closer as a team every day.”

The Moundbuilders will play the Bethel College Threshers next on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 7 pm in North Newton.

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