By Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

With the increasing student population, parking on campus is becoming harder to find.

Dean Clark, executive vice president, said, “We are actually getting a committee together to assess the parking issues that are on campus. The committee will have everything on the table, from how many current spots that we have, to additional locations and where those would be located. We are looking at all of that this year.”

Keith McLaughlin, director of security, said, “There is not enough parking for everyone, especially on days where we host events on campus, and then it is more crowded than usual.”

On average, only about five or six tickets are given out by campus security monthly.

“With the increase in enrollment every year, it is harder to find parking on campus,” McLaughlin said.

Sumar Stinnet, elementary education junior, said, “It is so frustrating trying to find parking on campus because there are limited spots. It would definitely be nice if we had more.”

Clark said, “I’d be more than happy to talk after the committee meets up and officially discusses the issue at hand. At this point, we’re aware of the concerns. We’re getting a committee together to assess what is currently here, to see what we can do to help with the parking issues.”