Dozens of RVs and campers are lined up to swarm in the campgrounds for Land Rush and prepare for the Walnut Valley Festival. "We've done a few things differently from last year to this year. We've moved to online and approximately 650 people took advantage of that and preregistered," said Bart Redford, WVA Executive Director. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Members of Kiwanis happily serve donuts to hungry rushers. Clyde, a member of Kiwanis, was happy to speak about his involvement in both Kiwanis and Land Rush. "Our motto is helping the children of the world one child at a time. This is one of two big fundraisers we do. We come out here to Land Rush to sell coffee, donuts, milk and juice.” (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Among other vehicles, privately owned school buses claim their parking spots for Land Rush. Many proudly display the parking passes collected from previous years. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Kristin and Stephen Grauh laugh as they prepare for their first Land Rush together. Despite being new to Land Rush, the couple have been avid festival goers since 1984, marking this year as their 45th year in attendance. “We used to be able to come down on a Saturday and get a spot. I was afraid we might not even be able to get a spot on Saturday," said Stephen. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Pecan Grove and the West Campground are the two major campgrounds of the Walnut Valley Festival. Third year security guard, George Tatum, discussed the event before the festival. "It’s very chaotic. I know my butt hurts and my legs hurt. They give us free breakfast and it’s pretty nice.” (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Jill and Tod Megredy pose happily outside of their camper. I was curious what the couple was most excited about for Land Rush and the festival. “Just being with friends. Ya know, the music is great, the campgrounds are great, but just being with friends. Getting to see these guys maybe once a year, but it’s always like you never missed a beat. Like you just saw them yesterday," said Tod. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)People travel from every stretch of America to visit the Walnut Valley Festival. Whether is it by Motorcycle, RV or tow-along camper, they make sure to arrive early for their camping spots. Some campers have even traveled from as far as Ireland. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Early morning travelers wave across to companions as they follow the rush of vehicles into the campgrounds. Land Rush began at 7 a.m. with some folks being ready to go as early as 6 a.m. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Taylor Rodriguez
Staff reporter

On September 12, 2019, Land Rush for the 48th Walnut Valley Festival began, despite inclement weather.

Preregistration for the event was from July 1 to 31. Attendees of the festival had the ability to prepay for parking spaces ahead of time to ensure that they would get a camping space for the festival.

Many folks preferred to preregister to ensure they had camping space. As many as 650 people preregistered for the event. Some even prepaid to have electricity as well.

Despite a cloudy morning and stormy afternoon, those at the event did not let the weather damper their mood as they all rushed their vehicles into the campgrounds to claim their spaces.