By Tessa Castor

Staff reporter


Hopeful director finds passion in education


When Meagan Morrow, assistant director and lead teacher of the SC Learning Center, graduated from Southwestern last May, she knew she wanted to follow her dream of directing.

Morrow took a summer job at the SC Learning Center, and within months she earned the position of assistant director.

At the Learning Center, Morrow is in charge of the “Little Builders,” a class of 3- to 5-year-olds. Morrow, the primary teacher, gets to spend all day with her students.

“I love getting to play every day,” said Morrow. “I get paid money to play every day. It’s a pretty good job.”

Morrow said that she gets to use her musical ability daily to sing to her students, who she said she is constantly entertaining.

Morrow “played” as a student, too – she was involved with Campus Players, choir, jazz band and different branches of theatre while she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree. She said her favorite part of being a student was the friends and connections she made – even her current boss is a Campus Player. Morrow said part of why she stayed in Winfield is because of those connections.

Though she is no longer a student, Morrow continues to be involved with the theatre department. Over the summer, Morrow directed “Godspell,” one of the theatre department’s summer musicals. Morrow wrote in the annual 24-Hour Play Festival in September, and she directed in the student-led “Fools on the Hill” scenes.

One of Morrow’s professors, Allyson Moon, director of theatre, said that Morrow loves to learn and constantly looks for opportunities to grow. Moon awarded Morrow the “Renaissance Woman” award during departmental awards for this reason.

As her professor, Moon said that she always expected Morrow to teach college students, and though she is with much younger students, she is still “working to ignite young minds every day.”

“I hope that she is relentless in her journey to figure out exactly what she wants to do,” said Moon. “And I hope she’s able to find joy in that. She’s ever evolving. She’s ever changing and she’s ever growing.”

Morrow said she learns something every day and she hopes to improve the curriculum to learn along with her students. She said seeing her students’ application of knowledge and understanding her lessons is a rewarding feeling, one that stands out as her favorite part of education.

“I never really pictured myself working with young children,” said Morrow. “Always expect the unexpected, because you just might enjoy it.”

Morrow said that Alexis Miers, director and lead teacher helped her with the transition. Morrow said Miers’ fierceness is inspiring.

“She’s amazing,” said Morrow. “I want to grow up to be like her.”

Miers has been with the SC Learning Center for seven years, and she said that the best part of the center is the kids. She said that Morrow helps uphold the goals of the center, the goals to serve families, provide a safe and fun learning environment and to prepare the children for kindergarten.

“She’s a very fun person,” said Miers. “She’s really calm and she’s really collected, so she brings with her a sense of calm and peacefulness to the classroom.

“She brings an endless sense of play with her,” said Miers. “Her interaction with children is meaningful and playful. The kids don’t even know they’re learning.”

Morrow’s goal is to direct. She said her teaching job is not too different from directing.

“A lot of what directing is is being an educator for theatre,” said Morrow. “Education is education.”

Morrow said her move to the center has been easy, and that not much has changed since her graduation.

“I still go to school,” said Morrow. “I’m just in charge of it. There’s still a lot of purple.”

Tessa Castor is a sophomore majoring in English. You may email her at