ABOVE: Jenni Warren, music theatre sophomore, presents campus players’ cupcake display. The group made six different themed cupcakes. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

By Lauren Sieh
Staff reporter

Every year a cupcake war erupts between the teams and organizations on campus. It challenges homecoming week participants to get creative.

This year’s theme for Homecoming is “All the World’s a Stage.”

Teams and organizations that participate in the cupcake war are asked to produce a batch of cupcakes around this theme. The cupcakes are then judged on how well they fit the theme, how they taste and the presentation.

13 teams and organizations participated in cupcake wars this year. Women’s soccer, Tri Beta, campus players, volleyball, PHP, tennis, cheer and dance, Ed Builders, cross country, green team, softball, women’s basketball and discipleship.

Women’s basketball decided to make vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. They decorated the cupcakes with crushed M&Ms, gold sprinkles and fondant crowns. Their cupcakes were presented on a castle.

Campus players went above and beyond with their cupcake choices and display. They took the theme all the world is a stage and made Broadway-themed cupcakes with the flavors “Rocky Horror” Rocky Road, Rancid Margarita Manic, “You go Glen Coco” peppermint, “Don’t eat the plants,” red velvet curtains and a stage cupcake, made with vanilla cake and chocolate frosting with crushed Oreos on top.

Cheer and dance also went with a theater-based theme for their display and cupcakes. They made a theater to hold the cupcakes and their decorations were based on plays. Some of the cupcakes were based off of “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Sword and The Stone.”

Cross country made a vanilla based cupcake with M&Ms mixed into it. The frosting included a shield with purple frosting and crushed up M&Ms.

With every great play comes a writer. Discipleship made a vanilla cupcake with a swirl of food coloring and M&Ms inside with buttercream frosting. The feather on top, signifying a writer quill, was made with almond chocolate.

ABOVE: Discipleship took a creative approach to the theme, “All the World’s a Stage.” Their theme for this batch of cupcakes was, With Every Great Play Comes a Writer. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

Ed Builders also made a theater to hold their cupcakes. They based their cupcakes off of Camelot and King Arthur. Their choice of cake was chocolate with a layer of crushed M&Ms in the middle. The frosting was a buttercream frosting dyed green and had a marshmallow with a sword in the middle.

Green team’s theme was To Be Or Not To Be Green after one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines. They made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

PHP’s cupcakes were based on a golden pinata. They made a vanilla cupcake with M&Ms in the middle. The frosting was cream cheese and was dyed a golden color.

Women’s soccer took “All the World’s a Stage” quite literally. They made cutouts of the team and coaches and staged themselves on the top of their cupcakes using a chocolate bar for their stage.

ABOVE: Marissa Ronquillo, freshman defender, Kelsi Doss, sophomore midfielder, and Lauren Fleischer, freshman forward, present their cupcakes for judging. The team staged themselves and coaches on the cupcakes. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

Softball made a white cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Their cupcakes look like a softball, representing their sport. The purple frosting represents the players and the green dots represent the softball field.

ABOVE: Softball presents an impressive batch of cupcakes. They decorated their frosting three different ways. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

Tennis made their theme The World is Our Stage. They made a wedding cake cupcake with almond butter frosting. They colored the frosting blue and green and arranged the cupcakes to look like the world.

Tri Beta decided to make a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. They decorated the cupcake to represent the different interests people have. They also had cupcakes arranged and decorated to look like the earth.

ABOVE: Savannah Joldersma, marine biology sophomore, presents the Tri Beta cupcakes. Their theme revolved around picking your own “stage” in life. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

Volleyball made a vanilla cupcake filled with M&Ms and homemade buttercream frosting. They dyed the frosting purple and added sprinkles with a fondant black mask.

Winners will be announced tomorrow, Thursday, October 24.