By Tierney Sutton
Staff reporter

Southwestern, includes a wide variety of students coming from a different background, different states, and sometimes even different countries. With that being said it leaves the students with a different music background as well. Southwestern college has always been music friendly, from its music majors to musical theatre.

However, it seems that music has a role to play in friend groups as well.

Evan Van Arsdale, a freshman majoring computer science, grew up in Kansas playing guitar and likes Alternative and Indie music.

“While only two of my friends listen to same music as I do, I do think people who tend to be apart of the same friend group.”

Arsdale explained that where he’s from, his taste is very original, and not a lot people listened to the same music as him.  He has liked Alternative and Indie since he was nine, when he introduced himself to the genre online, and often introduces this type of music to his friends as well.

 Jacob Anders, a senior majoring in biology, has had a taste for country music since he can remember.

“It was the only type of music I’ve heard till I was 13,” He said. “Music definitely plays a part in friendships. You don’t want to be stuck in someone’s car, when you go for a drive, and they blast music that you hate, and it makes you want to jump out the car while it’s still rolling.”

Anders explained that he wouldn’t want to be friends with anyone who has terrible taste in music, because it would be hard to hang out with them in cars or while studying and listening to music

Kenyatta Sewell, junior majoring in communications, works on the campus’s local radio station, Jinx Radio. Jinx radio Is a pop and rap music station.

“While it focuses on these genres, we play a lot of different music that will appear at the top of the charts,” said Sewell.

The songs that are played on Jinx radio are not picked by a solo person but rather a group of students.

The music is chosen by the students who are enrolled in Radio experience. They look at the top 100 Billboard’s chart for rhythmic music and CH music, also know as pop.

The students listen to the songs they think will be a good fit for the radio station and vote if it should be played on the station. The students will change the music every other week, so that way the station stays current and relevant.

Every few years a survey is also given out to all students of Southwestern. The survey asks what genre of music the students of Southwestern want to listen to. 

“Last time the survey was given out it showed us that students wanted to listen to more rap music, so we decided to put more rap music on the station, which is awesome because that is my favorite type of music,” said Sewell. “My friends listen to rap music as well, people who like the same music tent to flock to each other, music is an easy way to bond with someone, because its not about just sharing songs its about sharing emotions as well.”

Sewell also explained the importance of pick music the majority of students will listen to.

“Jinx radio prides itself on being for the students, run by students and chosen by students, that is why our slogan is “Jinx radio, the only station for builder nation.”