Tierney Sutton

Staff reporter

The school year has come and gone, students pack up their things to head home for the summer. Freshman, as well as transfer students, reconcile on their first year here at Southwestern.

Kailey Kooman, freshman psychology major, reminisces on her first year in college. 

“It has been really nice, considering I made really close friends, a memory I made this year is hanging out with friends in hammocks and just relaxing. The excitement of running in college really helped me get through the year.” Kooman also mentioned the hard parts of Southwestern as well, including finals and their difficulties.

“Especially my final for Philosophy, because I’m not even majoring in the class,” Said Kooman.

For next year, Kooman is excited to continue with her bachelors in psychology as well as making even more friends.

Jacob Carlo, freshman history education major, talks about what his first year at Southwestern was like. “Overall the year was a good experience. I made a lot of good friends and really felt at home. I never had doubts about Southwestern because I felt at home ever since my visit here,” Said Carlo.

Carlo also explains the difficulties of having to say goodbye to those who will not be around Southwestern next year. “The hardest part of the year is having to say goodbye to Tim Testa and Bryce Grahn.”

Testa was the head coach of cross country and track, after his short time at Southwestern he is heading back to Junction City to be with his family. Grahn is a sophomore, majoring in business. He is leaving Southwestern college to continue his running career at Pittsburg State University.

Although Carlo is going to miss them, he made memories with his friend, Bryce, he isn’t going to forget.

“One memory that made my first year here was sitting in Bryce’s room and watching The Office, and eating a ton of pizza after the Southwestern relays.”

Carlo is still looking forward to the future and next year. He is excited about continuing his major in history education and looks forward to meeting the new cross country coach in the fall.

Kacie Lancaster, freshman business major, has had a great experience this year at Southwestern.

“Everyone is so kind here, the staff and students are so welcoming, and the overall atmosphere of SC (Southwestern college) is incredible for freshman. However, I’ve had my struggles, its hard to adjust first semester, it was hard being happy because it was hard to find my group of friends and get used to being in college.” Said Lancaster. 

Lancaster explains that she has found happiness at Southwestern.

“I have made many memories but one that sticks out is this finals week with my friends and I. We went to the library and studied, and played Uno until we got kicked out. 

Lancaster looks forward to improving as an athlete, a student, and making a lot of new memories with friends.

Brianna Hulse, sophomore English education major, talks about her first-year experience at Southwestern. “I have had no doubts about Southwestern, but it was a challenge to adapt to a higher standard after transferring.”

“The best memories I have made was goofing off in practice, and being with close friends.”

Husle is looking forward to meeting new people and forming new relationships in her coming years here at Southwestern.