By Drake Vittitow
Staff reporter

The Health and Wellness Fair begins at 9 a.m this Friday, September 27, in Deets Library. Students will be able to get everything they need, from free mental health screenings to massages.

Morgan Graves, biology sophomore, said, “The fair is pretty important to a lot of people on campus, especially people who have had a rough start to the school year. Getting these free massages and health screenings are crucial to the people that feel overwhelmed with school and life.”

Health and Wellness Fair schedule:

9 am to 1 pm
Blood Drive
Mental Health Screenings
Free HIV/Hep B/Syphilis testing

9:30 am to 1 pm
Flu Shots

Kenyatta Sewell, communication senior, said, “Getting those free massages after practice is crucial to my health and well-being. I can feel the stress and tenseness go right out the window once I sit down.”

If any student is looking to participate in the blood drive as a part of this event, email for a time slot. The HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis testing will be offered and executed by Positive Directions Inc. Students are encouraged to participate even if they think they are fully healthy and clean.

Tierney Sutton, communication senior, said, “We are lucky to have these services offered to us for free. Since we do not have the funds that other schools have, we should be grateful for this event.”