ABOVE: Lizzy Santana, theater freshman, as Vladmir Putin, Scarlet Green, theatre sophomore, as President Trump, and Jack Warring, musical theatre junior, as Mike Pence, perform in the Campus Players production of “Dr. Faustus.” Green played the lead in the production, which poked fun at the nation’s political scene. (Emily Berry/Staff photographer)

By Emily Berry
Staff reporter

The showing of “Dr. Faustus,” performed by Campus Players, was not for the easily-offended. 

If you are a supporter of the Democrats or liberals, you would enjoy the performance immensely, but if you are a supporter of the Republicans or conservatives and you don’t have an open mind, you would be very offended at the jokes and not enjoy the performance.

The production poked fun at all political parties in the United States government, but it mainly focused on jokes toward the Republican Party since it is the party that controls most of the government. The actors portrayed their characters very well and it was easy to tell who was who by their performance and portrayal of the person.

The performance created and eruption of laughter several times throughout the performance, which was the goal of the cast. There were some digs at the government officials that did not receive laughter, but that all depended on the people within the audience.

In the showing the previous day, the vocal volume was not as up-to-par as the cast hoped, but they improved significantly from their last performance.  The cast was very emotive throughout the whole performance.  The audience was able to hear every line, even when the line was supposed to be in a whispering context.

The performance was semi-family friendly due to very little profanity throughout the show. I give the performance of the cast a 10/10. The cast did a phenomenal job encompassing their characters and performing without any mistakes. 

For the show in general, I would give an 8/10, as there were some parts that were supposed to receive laughter that received very little to none. However, for the majority, everyone laughed and enjoyed the show.

Emily Berry is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at emily.berry@sckans.edu.