ABOVE: Melissa Connell, religion and philosophy senior, and Erin Hall, religion and philosophy freshman, worship through coloring pages. (Madison Stumbough/Staff photographer)

By Madison Stumbough

Staff reporter

Discipleship hosted a final community worship service to close out the semester, inviting students and community members.

Around 16 individuals gathered together for an intimate worship experience in Deets Library on Saturday night.

“We all have our different groups that we’re apart of and we even worship in different church communities throughout the week,” Molly Just, Director of Discipleship, reflects on the importance of community worship nights. “It’s cool to gather together on campus for these kinds of worship nights and remember how Christ connects us. These moments are organized by students for students and we hope they offer a fun chance to worship and bring students and community members together in the name of Jesus.”

The Agape committee of the Discipleship community plans and hosts these worship nights as a way to connect to the campus and community.

Erika Paul, religion and philosophy senior, has worked as one of the two Agape committee co-chairs this school year and has been influential in creating these worship nights. “Worship night benefits the community by creating a space for Winfieldians and SC students to come together as the church,” Erika says. “In this space, labels like student or full-time Winfield resident become irrelevant as we all worship as children of God.”

The discipleship community looks forward to hosting more of these events next school year.

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Madison Stumbough is a junior majoring in liberal arts and sciences. You may email her at madison.stumbough@sckans.edu.