ABOVE: Christian Gordon scouts for an open pass. The Builders are officially 2-0. (File photo)

By Zavyar Swain
Staff reporter

The men’s football team competed against Friends University on Sept. 1. Through the first quarter of the game, it was a tough battle. Jay Johnson, freshman defensive lineman, forced a fumble on the Falcons inside the twenty-five, which led to a score for the Builders. Tanner Spencer, junior wide receiver, scored the only touchdown of the first quarter with an end zone grab.

The second quarter became completely dominated by the Moundbuilders. Woody Banks, freshman wide receiver, and Keyshawn Wyatt, sophomore running back, both found themselves in the end zone. Johnson continued to play at a high level, sacking the quarterback. Israel Harper, sophomore linebacker, tagged along, coming up with one sack himself. The Moundbuilders led the first half 21-0.

As the second half came about, the Moundbuilders struggled, allowing the Falcons to come back and tie the score within the last five minutes of the fourth quarter. As the Falcons entered the end zone, the Moundbuilder defense forced them to kick a field goal. Grant Torgerson, sophomore linebacker, saved it and was able to get an edge rush and block the ball. As the last nine seconds counted down, Christian Gordon, senior quarterback, threw a deep ball to Spencer, who caught the pass in the end zone and ended the game for the Falcons.

The game included big-time plays from big-time players. The Moundbuilders came out successful 28-21.

Zavyar Swain is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at zavyar.swain@sckans.edu.