By Drake Vittitow
Staff reporter

The Moundbuilder golf team kicked off the spring season placing sixth in a seven-team tournament on Wednesday at the Houston Classic.

Cooper Spears, sports management sophomore, scored a team-high 232 and shot 16-over-par, which tied him for 16th in the tournament.

“Each golfer had their moments,” said Landon Fox, assistant golf coach. “Cooper’s consistency was the standout moment throughout the entire tournament.”

Khord Vining, business administration freshman, had a stellar first day, going 4-over-par, a team high for an individual round.

“Khord’s play was outstanding the first day,” said Daren Reed, biology junior. “He came up big for us on time and time again.”

The weather was a factor for the two-day tournament. Rain plagued the course before the tournament even started. The precipitation seized the balls from rolling as far as Southwestern wanted them to.

“The weather was a factor,” said Tim Jasper, head golf coach. “Houston got a lot of rain, which affected our hits and how the ball rolled.”

Wind was another negative the Moundbuilders had to fight against. Hitting against the wind was not ideal, especially on the tougher holes.

“Hole Five was by far the toughest hole,” Fox said. “The hole was long and we were hitting against the wind.”

Several of the teams the Moundbuilders faced were NCAA Division II schools, as well as some Division I NAIA schools. Getting wins against better teams will increase Southwestern’s position against conference competition.

 “The ranking system is so important to our success,” Jasper said. “Playing teams from bigger schools is crucial for us and our rank.”

With this tournament being the first of the spring, Southwestern has a lot of seams to iron out, but the season is young, and so is the potential of this team.

 “The biggest thing we need to work on is being more efficient around the greens,” said Chase Carr, business administration junior. “If we fine-tune those mistakes, then we will dominate next tournament.”

Houston Classic
Cooper Spears – 78-78-76 – 232
Bill Chongsirilak – 81-81-84 – 246
Daren Reed – 81-85-80 – 246
Khord Vining – 76-84-91 – 251
Chase Carr – 86-89-78 – 253

Drake Vittitow is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at