By Jason Allen

Staff reporter

The book “Find Your Why” has lived up to the hype. Many people don’t know their “why” in life, whether it’s an individual why or a “tribe” why.

Simon Sinek and Peter Docker began with a story about how two guys met on a plane.

It started off as a regular conversation asking basic questions and got deeper to the point they started talking about their personal lives. It got interesting for the authors to help this person find his why in life so that he could be more successful.

Sinek and Docker created this book to help people in their everyday life in finding their why to be more motivated and give people hope. This book was published on Sept. 5, 2017, and consists of seven chapters.

Sinek is one of the top authors in the world. He’s optimistic, believes in bright futures and building together. He went viral after a release of a video that captured more than a million views. He’s become known for his motivational videos on TED Talk.

Each chapter of the book discusses processes and details about finding your why. One of the main things the authors explain in finding your why is the “Golden Circle.” The author explains that there are three things that make up this circle, such as “What, How, and Why.”

The majority of people already know what they do and how they do it, but don’t know fully why they do what they do. These three things relate to the brain and how the what responds to the neocortex.

I liked a quote in Chapter 1 that says, “The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect company for each other.”

This is a good quote, because we, as people, look for certain companies, sport teams and just different things to be a part of, because it looks good from the outside. In reality, it should be your Why you do it and just accepting the position we are in and making the best out of it.

Throughout the book, after the authors explain the individual why, they go to the “Tribe Why.” The Tribe approach is intended for any group or company that wants to find their why and common purpose. The authors’ definition of a tribe is any group of people who come together around a common set of values and beliefs.

After reading a little in this chapter, it gave me thought about a basketball team. A team can be successful if they are all on the same page, within the same goal and knowing their why of competing.
The authors explain the steps to follow after you know what a tribe consists of:

  • Finding your facilitator
  • Preparing for your session
  • Inviting participants
  • Scheduling enough time
  • Finding the right setting
  • Setting up the room in advance

This book is helpful and it has changed my attitude and priorities. I recommend for you to check out this book.

Jason Allen is a senior majoring in sport management. You may email him at