Trunk or treat too sweet

Have Some Candy!
A kitty themed Sheryl Erickson, Associate Professor of Education, presents many kiddos with their own candy. The EdBuilders had their own trunk towards the front of the line, and just past them was the football team.
Happy Jinx
One of the many Jinxes at the event, Cameron Goodman, leadership sophomore, smiles through the head of our mascot. Several of the trunks included a Jinx cat as a part of their Halloween decor.
Builder Spirit
A member of the football team Mack Jensen, defensive back junior, poses for an impromptu shot. The football team set up a net game for the kids to win candy. Even when the kids missed they said "Good job!" and handed out free candy.
Autumn October Day
The weather was beautiful for the 2018-2019 Trunk or Treat event. Hundreds of kids showed up to partake in the early Halloween celebration. Many in costume, others infatuated with the costumes of our students, often squealing with delight.
We're Futurama!
A group of three siblings proudly present their costumes. The parents were tailing behind proudly as people put together what their kids were wearing. When asked about their costumes, the kids exclaimed, " We're Futurama!"
A Gift
Suited up Tsena Morris, computer science freshman, accepts a tennis ball from one of our expert ghost hunters. The SC Track and Field students had several wonderful costumes that caught the attention of many children and parents.
Security Smiles
Here, Teresa Nichols, security officer, and Jason Haunschild, security officer hand out candy next to their security car. The flashing lights on the car amused many of the kids at Trunk or Treat.

ABOVE: Beautiful clouds and warm weather provide a good experience for the young, costumed kids. There were around ten trunks at the event, all of which handed out tins of candy to the community.


Hundreds of kids and family members marched up keyhole drive and around the bend to help curve a common love for candy. The event began around 5:45 as dozens of kids dressed as ghosts, princesses and other wonderful characters made their way to the various games and decorations.

The football team prepared a football and net tossing game for the kids and the basketball girls helped the younger kids dunk on a mini hoop for candy. Track and Field presented their costumes and candy along with a friendly furry ferret owned by one of the students. Some were scared to pet the little animal, others marched up fearlessly and pet her without a doubt. One group even brought a whole door and doorframe to simulate actually going trick or treating! It was a wonderful evening.

Every year SC hosts this great event to provide a fun, safe experience for young kids who may not get to go Trick or Treating on Halloween. Thanks to all those who helped, and to all, Happy Halloween!


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