Grace UMC returns to roots to provide another Finals Pizza Night

ABOVE: Kari Blattner, elementary education junior, plays a game of lawn checkers at finals pizza night. (Madison Stumbough/Staff reporter)

By Madison Stumbough

Staff reporter

Grace United Methodist Church sits just a block away from campus and offers Southwestern students a place to engage in both spiritual growth as well as a place to relax and have fun while in Winfield.

According to Lora Andrews, Grace UMC pastor, the church was started a very long time ago by students and faculty in order to build relationships with each other while growing closer to God. Years later, the church still serves as a place for Christian community for the students of SC and clings tight to this mission by supporting the college in all ways possible.

Finals pizza night is held at Grace on the Monday of each finals week in order to give students a break and engage in fellowship with each other in the midst of a hectic week.

“I love finals pizza night because I get to see people I know and meet people I haven’t met yet,” Craig Lantz, computer science senior, said.

This year Grace partnered with Southwestern clubs and organizations, including Gaming Club, Discipleship, and Hammocking Club. Pizza and ice cream were served to all students in attendance and “finals survival goodie bags” were handed out as well. The event housed several outdoor lawn games, chalk and hammocks to relax in as well as dogs to play with. Over 100 students were in attendance this year.

Pastor Andrews was thrilled with the turn out of over 100 students and community members. “Pizza night is a neighborhood event that reminds us all (students and community members) of the abundance God has given us in this place,” Pastor Andrews said. “Being able to feed students and provide hospitality on campus is such a gift for us too.”

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