Moundbuilders finish season with win over Friends

Pictured Above: Jacob Horsch, senior guard, fights off tough defense as he looks for an open teammate. (Tessa Castor/ Staff Photographer)

Tanner Carlson

Staff Reporter

Following a five game losing streak the (12) Moundbuilders have won their last three games of the regular season. The latest coming on senior night against rival Friends Falcons on Saturday as they won 97-75.

The seniors being honored for the team were Myron Fisher, senior guard, Jacob Horsch, senior guard, and DJ Wallace, senior forward.

Fisher finished his final regular season game with three and three rebounds. Fisher was named team captain his sophomore year, even though there were multiple seniors on the roster that season. Fisher has been the heart and soul of the Moundbuilders, even during an injury he had sustain mid-way through his senior season.

Horsch ended the game with 12 points all of them coming from beyond the arc. He is shooting a career high 43% from three point range this season. The sharp shooter tied a career high against McPherson hitting six threes in a single game.

Wallace surpassed the 1000 career point’s milestone this season in the conference opener against Tabor finishing the season with 1,313 point. He set a career high in points a season with 36 points against Bethel. Wallace also improved his rebounds per game this season to 5.6.

However, this senior night wasn’t as emotional to the guys because they have clinched home court advantage throughout the KCAC tournament. It was their last regular season game, nevertheless the Moundbuilders will host another home game this season.

“No, it wasn’t as emotional because when you have the emotion of a championship,” Matt O’Brien, head basketball coach, continued, “It didn’t feel as emotional which I think helped us to play loose and play really well.”

Although, the emotion wasn’t there the seniors still appreciated the recognition and support they received from their teammates, fellow students, and family.

“This is defiantly special I have my whole family here and my old high school coach,” Fisher exclaimed, “I defiantly had to show out for them.”

Wallace, along with Cameron Hunt, junior guard, led the team in scoring. Hunt finished with 25, and Wallace with 18. Wallace is grateful for the opportunities he was given at Southwestern and how unexpected his time her was.

“You can find family in places you won’t think,” Wallace explained, “The culture around the school is very warm and the students and the teachers come out to support you and it’s like a family and I love it.”

The seniors all expressed the amount of growth that happens in four years, and that moments like these cannot be taken for granted.

“I’d like to consider myself pretty immature when I first got here,” Horsch said. “Coach O.B. (O’Brien) and Coach Miser really buckled down on me and helped me become the man I am today.”

The memories an athlete makes in their time playing for a team and at a place they’ve called home for the last four years doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye.

O’Brien remembers most about his seniors is with Wallace the amount of time they spent on recruiting him. With Fisher he remembers the time he decided to make him team captain over more experienced players because he refers to Fisher as the “Michael Jordan of life.” Then with Horsch, O’Brien will remember all the times he would slap Horsch on the back (in a friendly way).

“Winning conference,” Wallace said briefly.

For others, the memories go back further, Fisher was part on the floor his sophomore when former Moundbuilder Chris Waller made the game winning shot to advance Southwestern to the national tournament.

“That was probably the best moment I’ve had in Stewart Field House it was pretty cool,” Fisher concluded.

Horsch expressed his favorite moments are when O’Brien dances after a win.

“Anytime Coach O.B. comes into the locker room after a big win,” Horsch continued. “His dance moves are well I don’t even know how to describe them, they’re pretty bad, they’re pretty terrible.”

The Moundbuilders will open the KCAC quarterfinals Thursday, Feb. 22 at 7pm in Stewart Field House against the Ottawa Braves whom Southwestern swept in the regular season, but only by a combined nine points.

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