SGA hosts senate meeting, towne hall

ABOVE: Misty Terrell, director of dining services, speaks to students during Student Government Association’s Tuesday evening towne hall.

By Tessa Castor

Staff reporter

Student Government Association hosted their first towne hall of the semester on Tuesday evening. The towne hall took place in Mossman 101 at 7 p.m. Before the towne hall, SGA hosted a senate meeting.

Following are the minutes from the senate meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 6:13pm by Vice President Castor.
The invocation was given by President Anderson.
There were five (5) executives and four (4) senators present.
• Recap of Board of Trustees
– Emily Jones – Student Affairs Committee
– Dan Falk talked about suicide awareness and active shooters
– Steve Wilke updated the board about the institute of
– Builder Love dance this Friday
– Builder send-off during the end of the semester
– Tessa Castor – Academic Affairs Committee
– Met with different branches of the college
– Professional Studies – talked about goals
– Give non-traditional students the feeling of being on campus
– Different coaches are assigned to each student
– Online classes on campus
– Have tried before but haven’t been very successful
• President and Advisors Meeting
– Dan Falk explained the role of the advisor
– Disclosing safety information
– Explained mission and goals of SGA
– Will meet individually with each organization
– Plan on pairing organizations together – “buddy system”
• Voting
– Grant proposals
• Campus improvement, professional development, departmental grants – due February 27th
– As the senate, we will decide the grant winners
• Organizational budget reasoning
– The senate will vote on the budgets that have asked over $650
– Will vote on at a future senate meeting due to having less than 2/3 of the senate
• Voting methods
– Will decide at a later date when we have
• Next meeting – February 20th at 8pm in Pounds Lounge
Senator Berry motioned to adjourn at 6:24pm. President Anderson seconded the motion.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the senate took a brief hiatus to prepare for the towne hall, prepared by the student concern committee of SGA. Five food service staff members attended the towne hall.

The staff from Fresh Ideas, including Misty Terrell, director of dining services, the head chef and representatives from Java Jinx and Stir & Bustle, explained details of their food service such as menu building and wait time in Java Jinx and Stir & Bustle. Their biggest lesson for students was to notify the staff of any concerns, questions or allergies so they can best accommodate them.

Terrell said that Fresh Ideas is working on partnering with a new vendor, bringing more grab-and-go options to the school’s food services. The staff has theme nights scheduled for the rest of the school year, starting with next Tuesday, Feb. 13 – steaks will be served for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day early to serve those observing lent.

Tessa Castor is a sophomore majoring in English. You may email her at

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