Hardy eager to make impact on the court for SC basketball

By Carlos Blocker

Staff Reporter


A 6-foot point guard named Laquan Hardy, a.k.a Bama, from Butler Community College is the newest edition to the Southwestern Men’s Basketball. Being a transfer, Hardy’s transcripts didn’t come through in enough time for him to play in the first semester but he is more than ready to come back and play the last 20 games in the 2017-18 season.

Hardy believes that he will provide significant help in an effort to win the regional championship. “I have plans to win a championship and go really far in nationals,” said Hardy.

He also believes he brings many different aspects to the team with offense and defense, and provides the most energy on the Builder basketball team.

Hardy is originally from Mobile, Alabama, which is how he acquired the nickname “Bama”. At this point in his life he was playing baseball until he was 10. “Baseball was fun, it just wasn’t my thing,” said Hardy.

After that he switched to football where he was a quarterback. At the age of 12 he moved to Houston and continued to play football, but picked up basketball right before moving to Houston. During Hardy’s sophomore year is when things got real and he made a decision between football and basketball.

“It was a personal decision between me and my brothers on why I chose basketball but I’m glad I did,” said Hardy. A year after dropping football he started getting recruited by division one schools such as Kansas State, Louisiana Lafayette and Louisiana Tech. “ My first option was Louisiana Lafayette and that’s where I committed to but I didn’t take my ACT in enough time so I went to a junior college,” said Hardy.

Due to Hardy’s failure to complete his ACT in enough time he had to commit to Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas. Staying there for a year, he could’ve went to a division one school but chose SC instead. “I chose this school because it was my best option to go play pro ball overseas,” said Hardy.

Hardy continues to work hard inside and outside of the gym, we look forwards to see how well he does as he joins the SC basketball program beginning in January.


Carlos Blocker is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at carlos.blocker@sckans.edu

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