Men’s basketball tames panthers in revenge game

Tanner Carlson

Staff Reporter

Junior guard Cameron Hunt attempts a free throw in the first half of competition. (Chris Campbell/ Staff Reporter)
Both teams reassemble following a first half timeout. (Chris Campbell/ Staff Reporter)
Senior guard Jacob Horsch stands beyond the three point line during a pair of Builder free throws. (Chris Campbell/ Staff reporter)
Builder basketball players receive instruction near the end of the first half. (Chris Campbell/ Staff Reporter)
Head coach Matt O'Brien questions a call in the second half of play. (Chris Campbell/ Staff reporter)
Senior forward DJ Wallace defends his man near the baseline. (Chris Campbell/ Staff Reporter)

Nine months ago, the Southwestern men’s basketball program ended their season in a devastating 109-104 overtime loss at the hands of the York Panthers in the KCAC Championship game. On Dec. 2, 2017 the Moundbuilders had their first taste of revenge, this time at historic Stewart Fieldhouse.

Southwestern (8) beat York 100-82 on Saturday. Despite the final score, it was a closely contested game from the opening tip. The leading scorers for the Moundbuilders were Cameron Hunt, junior guard, ending his night with 33 points with nine rebounds, and Jacob Horsch, senior guard, with 22 points and seven rebounds.

“For the guards we really just wanted to cut really hard to wear them out,” Horsch explains, “Because they like to switch a lot on ball screens, so we just wanted to mix it up on them, vary our cuts a lot, and just run them to death up the court.”

For Hunt, this game was more than a revenge game from a season ago. Hunt was high school teammates, and lifelong childhood friends with York Panther, Chris Smith, junior guard. Smith had 16 points compared to Hunt’s 33, however both players shot around 30% from the floor. Hunt gained the advantage at the free throw line making all 15 attempts.

“Our friendship makes it fun,” Hunt says. “Chris (Smith) knows everything about me, because we’ve been playing together all of our lives, so it was fun today.”

This victory does put a band aid on the wound that ended Southwestern’s season ago, however another meeting with York, and a possible meeting in the KCAC tournament the goals for this Moundbuilder team doesn’t stop with this win.

“It’s like if I was really thirsty I just had a tiny sip of the drink of payback that would try and quench my thirst of the championship game,” Matt O’Brian, head basketball coach, explains. “I just got a sip. I’m very thirsty for a full glass.”

Southwestern shot 86% from the free throw line making 31 of 36 attempts. O’Brian wanted there to be an emphasis in the rebounding game and Southwestern won that battle 48 rebounds to York’s 41. The biggest discrepancy between the two teams was points in the paint, Southwestern scored half of their points inside with 50 points, whereas York managed 37 inside the painted area.

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