Wallingford chef brings Texas food to residence hall

By Jordan Hall

Staff reporter

Nothing on earth is as savage as a hungry college student, and no one knows this better than Levi Watts, psychology/criminal justice/philosophy and religion freshman. He is known as Wallingford’s Chef.

When Watts is cooking, everyone in Wallingford can smell it. The aroma in the building is strong. If you follow it to its source, you will see a 200-pound man in a white chef hat and apron. Watts always has a big smile, and he seems happiest covered in grease and charcoal.

David Green, computer science freshman, said, “Levi fed me burgers on a day when I was hungry and out of money. It was the first time I ever had food from Texas and I loved it. I’ll be there any time Levi cooks.”

Alex Antoon, undeclared freshman, said, “Levi’s grilling kind of reminds me of the tailgating back home for the LSU games.” Watts learned to cook from his mother when he was eight. He’s from a small town in Texas called Chester. He brought his rib recipe to Southwestern, where uses ranch and Texas joy sauce. “

At home, I cooked every night,” said Watts. “Here, I cook once every two weeks because my resources are limited.”

Watts uses charcoal to grill. He usually cooks by himself in front of Wallingford and near Winfield Lake. Watts specializes in pork chops, ribs, burgers and hotdogs.

Watts says he cooks because “It’s a great way for everyone to try my food, eat good, and have fun.” Watts already went to Walmart in preparation for this weekend’s cookout.

Jordan Hall is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at jordan.hall@sckans.edu.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was originally published in Volume 130’s 3rd edition of The Collegian. To see past Collegian archives click the following link: http://scupdate.org/collegian-archives/

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