Cross country hosts annual NAIA Midstates Classic

By Emily Berry
Staff reporter

The men’s and women’s cross country placed three people in the top twenty at the NAIA Midstates Classic on Oct. 21 at the Veterans Hospital.

The men running an 8K placed, Senior Jersey Boydstun 19th with the time of 26:35.1. The men as a team finished ninth out of 20 teams.

The women running a 5K placed Junior Justine Vogele 13th with the time of 19:10 and Junior Kari Blattner 19th with the time of 19:28. The women finished fifth out of 20 teams.

Players have different opinions of the course. Boydstun said, “It’s pretty difficult. Like the first mile, you think this is kind of easy but it’s the two loops that you have to do, one three times the other one twice. So it kind of gets repetitive, it gets mentally challenging as well.” Vogele said differently, “I love this course, I’ve run it eight times in high school and three times in college, it’s a fun fast course.”

The weather had a factor in the performance of the runner’s Boydsun said, “It was kind of rocky but once you get used to it after the first couple of miles your fine.” Vogele said, “The wind of kind of pushing us a little we didn’t notice it when we were running but when you finish the time kind of shows it.” Tim Testa, head coach had a view of the team’s whole performance, “I think they both did okay for where we are at. We keep talking about conference, conference, conference we’re two weeks away. We took some step forward, we didn’t take a lot of steps back, we just don’t have everybody perfectly ready, but two weeks from now I’m excited.”

Testa is expecting some good things for conference in two weeks Testa said, “At conference, since the beginning of the year our men have been talking about finishing in the top two. They haven’t just been saying that we want to win, we want to win, we want to win because Saint Mary’s a really, really good team but we think were the second best team in the conference and I think that will put us at the national meet.”

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