Annual bonfire is highly anticipated this homecoming week

By Carlos Blocker

Staff Reporter


The week of homecoming is always a blast for majority of the students on campus. It’s a time where people have an excuse to be goofy for an entire week. Some schools dress up, some schools play games, some schools have bonfires and even throw parties. Here at Southwestern we do it all, but the event that always appears to be the most memorable is the bonfire.

At SC, we have a bonfire as a means to get together and relax, recognizing all the organizations on campus before ending with a dance. Leader of the traditions team in STUFU, Marissa Evans, provided a brief explanation on what the bonfire is and what it truly means.

“The bonfire is a homecoming tradition at Southwestern. Every year, students, coaches, faculty, sometimes alumni and family gather around to enjoy the huge fire located at the old practice soccer fields. During this time, coaches and team captains typically introduce themselves and their team having a short blurb of what is to expect with their season. When this is over, STUFU Executives have the opportunity to light the fire that is located in the center. When the fire is lit, there is typically a dance party with a live DJ to follow after. The bonfire is such an important tradition at SC due to the fact that it gives the opportunity for everyone on campus whether past students, or current students, to come together as one and truly implement the builder family.”

Evans is truly passionate and takes pride in creating new events and continuing old traditions and improving them. I asked Evans what she is looking forwards to most at the bonfire, she said “I’m looking forward to the lighting of the bonfire. That is always the most monumental moment of the entire night because of the togetherness that it brings with it. Also because it’ll be my first time being able to participate in the lighting so I’m pretty excited.”

This bonfire will be a night to remember. Jazmyne Laskey is a sophomore student at SC who will be attending the bonfire Thursday night for the second time. “ My most memorable moment was the lighting of the fire because the fire was huge and after the fire was lit everyone was just bonding and you felt nothing besides good vibes, it was really the first time every organization mixed in with each other.”

Attending this event will allow you to meet new people and feel comfortable getting outside of your comfort zone. Since this is previous tradition, I asked Brittany Lawler about some of the changes that has happened since she was a freshman.

“Much hasn’t really changed but what I do notice is more people show up every year and every year it becomes more diverse not only with people but even the music,” said Lawler. “They play more than one or two genres now. Also this year it’s on a Thursday, which is weird cause every year before, it’s been on a Friday night.”

This is all the more reason why you should come support this unique homecoming week tradition on Thursday Oct. 26, at 7 p.m.


Carlos Blocker is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

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