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JC Fuentes
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With Peter and the Star Catcher just coming out of its show week, students involved with the show get to have a break from all that stress that being a part of the theatre department brings them. Actors and directors involved with the show in some sort of way put in a lot of time and effort for this show. But what most people don’t realize is how much the technicians involved.

Technicians are the people who help control the lights, sound and other various actions that help the show move along smoothly. They show up during the week before the show which is known as “tech week.”

Brandi Young who is a graduate student working on her MBA in business administration and is over the technicians in theatre. For shows she is right underneath the director and is the contact person should anyone need information about the show. She is also in charge of making everyone’s schedules and finding technicians who can help with the show. “It is a great experience,” says Young when asked about the being in charge, “Most of the time people don’t get to see how hard we work. So when the audience gets to watch the show, they get the watch not only the actors but also how hard we work to put all the effects into the show. It is also fun getting to make friendships with the cast and other technicians.

Scott Olney, a communications major, also works as a technician for theatre. He also does a little bit of acting but prefers working as a technician because he feels he has a better experience and it would greatly benefit the show. “I feel like I know more about the tech aspects than the stage aspects.” Says Olney who works the soundboard and does sound design. “Usually for techies we don’t have to show up for most of the rehearsals until tech week. It is very stressful especially if you have a lot of classes and homework. Your evenings are gone so you have to compensate to either wake up earlier or skip out on most of your free time which means a lot of sacrifices.

Carson Davis, who majors in technical theatre, works as a technician not just for her degree but also because she considers it her passion. This is her second year as a technician but she has been doing it most of her life. “It is hard,” as Davis explains. “but it’s even harder if you don’t plan and give yourself time for everything. It’s really easy to get caught up in the production and forget about classes and vice versa. It’s a big commitment and you need to be prepared any way you can.

There are four shows left this school year. So if you find yourself with nothing to do on the days the shows come out, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check them out so you can see for yourself how talented the theatre department really is.

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