STUFU holds movie night for students

Pictured Above: Students wait in the lobby of Cowley Cinema 8 to watch their movie. (File Photo)

Emily Berry

Staff Reporter

On Sept. 20 Student Foundation (STUFU) hosted a free movie night for all the students at Southwestern at Cowley Cinema 8. The movies shown were American Assassin, Home Again, IT, Megan Leavey, Leap, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Annabelle Creation, The Nut Job 2 and Kidnap.

“There was roughly around 300 students that attended,” Caleb Janssen, sophomore vice president of activities and special events said, “IT for sure was the most popular, it was packed.”

With the 300 attendees IT had the best turnout. The next top movie turnouts was The Hitman’s Bodyguard and American Assassin.

Erin Floyd, freshman, watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard rated the movie a nine out of ten.

“It was very funny, there was funny scenes,” said Floyd. “There was a scene where it was like someone killing someone it was an actions but they were playing happy old music. It was just great”

I decided to see American Assassin. I would rate this movie as a nine out of ten.  There was no lack of action in the movie.  It started with action, and ended with it.  There were little jokes ever so often, as well.

“Free movie night costs roughly $1000,” said Janssen. “There is a student fee that every student pays to go here at Southwestern and that money is collected by SGA and that money SGA collects is distributed to all the clubs that we have and each club has a different budget.”

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