Campus groups offer health services

Pictured above: Students donating blood for the annual blood drive. (Chris Campbell/Staff Reporter)

Tanner Carlson

Chris Campbell

Staff Reporters

Meagan Morrow, lead teacher at SC learning center, prepares to get her flu shot. (Tanner Carlson/Staff Reporter)
Ed Loeb, associate professor of mathematics, rolls up his sleeves to get his flu shot. (Tanner Carlson/Staff Reporter)
From left to right: Caitlin Koch, sophomore athletic training, Abby Berthoff, sophomore chemistry, Daren Reed, sophomore biology, and Faith Gaddie, junior chemistry, help students fill out medical information. (Tanner Carlson/Staff Reporter)
Christopher Gutierrez, sophomore psychology, receives his flu shot from Dr. Renee Price, pharmacist graves drugs. (Tanner Carlson/Staff Reporter)
Students and faculty prepare to have blood drawn at the blood drive. (Chris Campbell/Staff Reporter)
Nurses help volunteers donating blood to relax. (Chris Campbell/Staff Reporter)
Blood is being donated from this student. (Chris Campbell/Staff Reporter)
Students give blood for the annual blood drive. (Chris Campbell/Staff Reporter)

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