Moments from bowling night

Pictured above: The black lights shine on the Arkansas City Bowling Ally. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)

Jack Berry, sophomore, shows off his bowling form as he rolls for a spare. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
The Arkansas Bowling Ally is lit up in black light, and other designed lighting for bowling night. (Tanner Carlson/Staff Reporter)
Jack Berry (left), sophomore, and Samuel Beck (right), sophomore, take time to pose during a competitive bowling match. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Students take turns competing who has the best bowling style. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Cameron Hunt, junior, focuses on his approach to roll a strike. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Brandon Happy (left), sophomore, and Myron Fisher (right), may teammates on the basketball court, but are rivals on the bowling ally. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
An impressive turnout of students for night bowling. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Anjiah Clemons, director of campus life, shows her students how it is done with her flawless bowling form.

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