Auditions for next school play arrive on campus

By Jc Fuentes

Staff Reporter

Peter and the Starcatcher is the current play being produced by the SC Theater Department this fall. With Allyson Mood as director, Dr. Brian Winnie is performing the music alongside pianist Aidan Wells and percussionist Tyler Demaree.

When asked about the origin of the play, Moon describes it as the background story of Peter Pan. The play uses characters from the original movie before they were considered the major characters that they are known as today. Also, the play sets up a back story for the movie of Peter Pan. Moon also describes it as being “a hot play wildly entertaining for a variety of age groups.” This play has won several awards including five Tony awards.

Many students have auditioned for a role in the plays those including sophomore Jack Warring. Warring played Ernest in Spring Awakening last year. Warring can be found at every audition because to him, it makes him feel like it not only makes him a better actor but also a better person. Warring is hoping to be casted as the role of Ted, also known as “Tubby Ted” in the play.

Another student who auditioned is freshman Ryan Pangraces. Pangraces received several scholarships for theater from Southwestern so “he feels obligated to audition.” Pangraces says he would be fine with receiving any role but he specifically auditioned for the role of Peter, Prentice, and Black Stache. To prepare himself for an audition, Pangraces practices his lines. He also thinks his actions out along with his lines and try’s to imagine what the director would want from both his character and him.

Auditions are still being held for this play and as soon as all the roles are cast, rehearsals will begin. Oct. 6th, 7th, and 8th will be the dates when the play will be shown.

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