Campus coffee cuts ribbon

By Tessa Castor
Staff reporter

Southwestern’s new coffee shop, Stir & Bustle, held its grand opening at 10 a.m. this Thursday in Deets Memorial Library.

Hosted by the Winfield Chamber of Commerce, students, faculty and community members were welcomed to the ribbon cutting with refreshments. Those in attendance were able to enjoy complimentary muffins, cookies, coffee, fruit and more as they celebrated the opening of the shop.

Located in the front room of Deets Memorial Library, Stir & Bustle’s menu consists of salads and sandwiches, a variety of coffees and baked-daily pastries. As a branch of Fresh Ideas, Southwestern’s dining service, Stir & Bustle accepts flex dollars, credit and debit cards, cash and checks.

Construction of the shop has been in the works for a couple of years, said Misty Terrill, director of food service for Fresh Ideas. After beginning construction in the spring, Stir & Bustle began serving customers in early August. Since then, Terrill said business has been going well for the shop.

“Business has been picking up a lot since people have figured out it’s here,” said Terrill. “People really love having it on campus.”

Terrill said she hopes the shop will give students an on-campus opportunity for refreshment, rather than leaving campus for a fresh cup of coffee or a scone, which Terrill said is her favorite menu item.

“I love the concept of it,” said Terrill. “There’s a neat vibe here. I just want it to be a comfortable experience for the students. I want it to be some place where they want to come and hang out.”

As a part of Deets Memorial Library, Stir & Bustle serves as a coffee shop to students, faculty and community members alike. Laura Podschun, religion and philosophy sophomore, said she appreciates the layout of the shop, the space it provides to students visiting the library.

“It’s a good environment for studying and hanging out,” said Podschun.

With the variety of items on the shop’s menu, Podschun said her favorite is a mocha drink, with an extra shot of espresso. Podschun said the shop improves the overall look of the college.

“It gives the college a place for students to gather that is more relaxed and chill, but can also be used as a study and meeting place with delicious food and coffee,” said Podschun. “It’s really comfortable here.”

Sarah Werner, Winfield Chamber of Commerce CEO, said her favorite part of the new shop is its modern feel. As the Chamber’s CEO for the last four years, Werner stood with faculty and Chamber members as Brad Andrews, president, cut the ceremonial ribbon Thursday morning.

Werner said she believes the shop offers a central gathering spot that contributes to the college’s community spirit.

“It’s a good gathering place for Southwestern students, and even community members,” said Werner.

Stir & Bustle is currently open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., though the hours will change on Sept. 5. More details on the shop’s scheduling can be found in Deets Memorial Library.

Tessa Castor is a sophomore majoring in English. You may e-mail her at

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