Acts of Consequence

Carson Davis, theatre freshman, and Tony Mendoza, philosophy & religion sophomore, have a conversation during "The Zoo Story." (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Carson Davis, theatre freshman, threatens Tony Mendoza, philosophy & religion sophomore, in a tense moment towards the end of their play. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Brandi Young, business graduate, waits for Stephen Gehly, theatre senior, to say the correct line as an impromptu fill-in for a play in "The Actor's Nightmare." (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Carlene Dick, liberal arts & sciences senior, whispers a line to Stephen Gehly, theatre senior, as Shawn Knepper waits. "The Actor's Nightmare" followed Gehly's character, John Doe, who finds himself acting in a play he has never rehearsed before. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Stephen Gehly, theatre senior, displays a look of confusion in response to lines from Ellen, played by Allie Petrovich, theatre senior. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
York Moon, community member, and Austin Davis, class of 2016, have a heated conversation about their days in "Orphans." (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
York Moon, community member, angrily responds to Matthew Porter's, musical theater sophomore, job offer while Austin Davis, class of 2016, sits quietly at the table. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)


Roger Moon’s directing class presented their final projects in the form of three one act plays performed on April 19 and 20 in the Little Theatre.

“The Zoo Story,” directed by Jacob Marney, theatre senior, featured Carson Davis as Jerry and Tony Mendoza as Peter. Peter was a regular guy sitting on a bench while Jerry was a borderline crazy person who just wanted to talk. Events unfold and after Jerry threatens Peter with a knife, Jerry is stabbed and eventually dies on the bench.

“The Actor’s Nightmare” is a comedic play, directed by Sylvia Xu, where ‘John Doe,’ played by Stephen Gehly, theatre senior, is an accountant mistaken for an actor’s understudy. When the regular actor is injured in a car accident, the other actors believe he is the real understudy and John is pulled into performing a play he has never heard of or rehearsed before. Other actors included Allie Petrovich, theatre senior, as Ellen, Brandi Young, business graduate, as Sarah, Carlene Dick, liberal arts & sciences senior, as Meg, Shawn Knepper, theatre freshman, as Henry, Donnie Dutton, theatre senior, as the Executioner, and Jack Warring, theatre freshman, as the voice.

“Orphans” was directed by Meagan Morrow and featured Austin Davis, class of 2016, as Phillip, Matthew Porter, musical theatre sophomore, as Harold, and York Moon, community member, as Treat. The play follows Treat, an aggressive older brother, and Phillip, Treat’s younger brother, as they figure out what to do after ‘kidnapping’ Harold while he was drunk. Harold ends up offering Treat and Phillip a job and turns himself around from being a hostage to a parent/boss-figure.


The plays will be performed one more time on at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 20 in the Little Theatre.

Other upcoming theater events include:
SC Singers & MTens Concert, 7:00pm on April 21 in Messenger
A Cappella Choir & SCCU Concert, 8:00pm on April 22 in Richardson
Senior Projects, 5:30pm on April 23 starting in Richardson then moving to Messenger
9 Lives Campus Show, 9:00pm on April 28 in Messenger

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