International dinner, fashion show celebrates campus diversity

Quinlan Stein, history sophomore, alters the garment that Jonathan Buckner, computer science sophomore, wore for the fashion show. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Fahad Alshaiban, computer science sophomore, and Abdulmajeed Alaqel, computer science freshman, help their friend prepare for the show. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Several SC students, faculty, staff, and community members attended the dinner and fashion show on Sunday evening. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
The son of the Chinese visiting scholar walks with Guanghui Liu, education graduate, in Chinese clothing. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Parker O'Quinn, physical performance freshman, shows off a sarong from Thailand during the International Fashion Show. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Cheryl Rude, professor of leadership studies, struts down the runway in a Chinese outfit. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Terena Domingos, chemistry sophomore, wears a Zimbabwean outfit on the catwalk at the International Fashion Show. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Autymn Johnson, athletic training freshman, Molly Just, director of discipleship, Shayla Jordan, philosophy & religion sophomore, Kenyatta Sewell, communication freshman, and Carl Robinson, health science freshman, leave the stage after the fashion show. Johnson is wearing a sari from India, and Just Jordan, Sewell, and Robinson are wearing clothes from Saudi Arabia. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Terena Domingos, chemistry sophomore, Bryant Belden, philosophy & religion junior, Tabeth Mazunga, accounting sophomore, Juncai Wang, business graduate, and Nicc Matthews, accounting freshman, display their outfits at the end of the fashion show. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)
Charles McKinzie, director of alumni engagement, played his bagpipes in traditional Scottish clothes to close out the fashion show. (Jaime Davison/Contributor)

InterAct hosted an International Cuisine Dinner and Fashion Show on Sunday, April 9, to celebrate and promote the diversity on Southwestern’s campus. The dinner featured foods from different cultures and the fashion show gave guests the opportunity to see traditional clothing from China, Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, and America.

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