Employee recognition reception honors faculty, staff

Dean Clark, executive vice president, speaks at the beginning of the Employee Recognition Reception. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Kurt Keiser, professor of business, receives his 5-year recognition award from Brad Andrews, president. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Larry Schuster, sodexo, accepts a gift from Brad Andrews, president, for his 10-year recognition. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Richard Cowlishaw, professor of biology, represents the employees who have received the 15-year recognition at the recognition reception on Friday. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Nancy Morse, assistant registrar, receives her gift for 20 years of employment at Southwestern. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Mike Kirkland, associate athletic director, beams with joy after receiving his gift in recognition of 35 years of being at Southwestern. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Jackson Lashier, assistant professor of religion, smiles after receiving the SGA faculty citation award. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Brian Winnie, assistant professor of music, accepts his United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award from Tracy Frederick, interim provost, at the recognition reception. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Brad Andrews, president, delivers closing remarks at the 2017 Employee Recognition Reception on Friday. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)

The annual Employee Recognition Reception took place on Friday, April 7 in the cafeteria. Brad Andrews, president, led the ceremony which included recognitions for new employees, employees who have received degrees in the past year, recognition for milestone years of service (5, 10, 15, 20, & 35 years), SGA Faculty and Staff Citations, the Fassnacht Awards, and the United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award.
Awards are listed below:

Recognition for years of service:

  • Five years: Jackie Glasgow, Korie Hawkins, Regan Hess, Donald Kehne, Kurt Keiser, Carrie Lane, Jackson Lashier, Scott Nuss, Ashley Riley, and Arthur Smith
  • Ten years: Alice Bendinelli, Marsha Branch, Norman Butler, Sarah Hallinan, Angela Holland, Britt Porter, John Scaggs, and Larry Schuster
  • Fifteen years: Richard Cowlishaw, Tom Jacobs, and Richard Johnson
  • Twenty years: David Dolsen, Scott Ireland, Nancy Morse, and Patrick Ross
  • Thirty-Five years: Mike Kirkland

SGA Faculty Citation: Jackson Lashier

SGA Staff Citation: Larry Schuster

Fassnacht Outstanding Administrator/Staff Award (Campus): Lock Schnelle

Fassnacht Outsanding Administrator/Staff Award (Professional Studies): Dennis Russell

Fassnacht Outstanding Faculty Award: Ed Loeb

United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award: Brian Winnie


Kylie Stamper is a senior majoring in communication. You can email her @ kylie.stamper@sckans.edu.

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