International students make plans for Spring Break

By Turki Alturki
Staff reporter

Many of the students that live in the United States get to go home and stay with their families and friends over school breaks. For the international students it is not that easy. A lot of the international students travel at least 18 hours on planes to get to their homes.

“It is too hard to go home in the Spring Break and super expensive, too,” said Fahad Alshaiban, computer science junior. Alshaiban is from Saudi Arabia. The flight to Saudi Arabia would cost over $1000.

Niy Wang, business graduate, and Guanghui Liu, business graduate, are from China and will be visiting Los Angeles over Spring Break. “This trip is part of our class project to go there and meet with important people to help us and teach us more about our future,” said Wang.

“We don’t miss our home,” Wang said, “because we are two months [away from graduation].” Liu said, “We also use social media to communicate with our families back home and use the video calls and with that we don’t miss home.”

“We will go to Los Angles not only to learn but we are also planning to have a lot of fun, too,” said Liu. “Every student should relax in Spring Break” said Liu.

While some international students will travel home and some will explore the states, others will stay around Winfield and relax. “I will stay here in Winfield and just sleep,” Alshaiban said.

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