Green Team helps with e-waste recycling

Jason Speegle, director of green team, talks with a visitor that came to drop of recycled goods at e-waste. E-waste was hosted on Feb. 7 and serves as an opportunity for the Winfield community to recycle unwanted electronic items. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
An entire trailer-full of recycled material piles on top of each other. The green team collaborates with Grace United Methodist Church and the city of Winfield to host the event. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech, and Kylie Stamper, communication senior, wait for cars to drive through the barn. E-waste was held at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in Barn 4. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
A volunteer worker opens up a car hatch to empty it of recyclables. The e-waste assembly line resembled a drive-thru where individuals drove their car through and workers emptied their vehicle so they could be on their way quickly. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
Mikala Rosenthal, religion & philosophy freshman, carries a computer. Individuals were also able to bring their old computer monitors and television screens to be recycled for a $5 fee. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)


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