Thousands gather in Wichita for Women’s March

More than 3,000 men, women and children gathered in downtown Wichita to participate in the global Women's March that took place Saturday morning. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
Michelle Boucher, associate professor of English, walks in solidarity with her daughter and friend at the Women's March in downtown Wichita. The purpose of the march was to peacefully stand up for women's rights. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
A little boy glares into the sun as he raises a sign into the air. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
A young woman looks on at the growing crowd holding her sign. Signs similar to this were carried throughout the march. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
Two young children hold signs as they wait for the march to start. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
Timothy Rosproy, history senior, drove up from Winfield to walk with his wife. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
A little girls strolls along with a sign in one arm and a stuffed animal in the other. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
Pink hats, shirts, scarves, signs and face paint were a common theme throughout the morning march. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)
As the march began, people could be heard singing, chanting or simply chatting with their fellow marchers. The Wichita Women's March ended with a rally at city hall. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)


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