‘Textual Nature’ highlights nature’s textures

 Textual Nature was filmed at Southwestern’s Marine Biology field station in Winfield, KS. On Nov 10th the Video News Production Class took a field trip to visit the station. A classroom set in a cabin with an old, red barn in the background. It is mostly vacant with the exception of some small critters that have made this their home.

 “For nearly a decade students have studied an astonishingly diverse array of ecosystems at the 240- acre field station, from tallgrass prairie to the rock bottom Dutch Creek. Faculty taught in the open air, and classes have taken shelter from the elements in an old barn on the property” (SCKANS.edu)

Just past the barn is Dutch creek that has an abundance of crayfish that the marine biologists of Southwestern use to study. There is an affluent amount of plant life on the property as well.

This experimental film explores the textures of nature taking an in depth look of what many people may not notice within their natural surroundings. The textural decay of hedge apples, the willowing bark of a tree, and the rotting flesh of an armadillo gives us a pause of reflection to embrace the life cycle of nature. The non-diegetic sound works to recreate an authentic experience of the station itself. Take a moment to embrace the field station with a brief video experience.

Tanner Carlson is junior majoring in communication. You may email him at tanner.carlson@sckans.edu.

One thought on “‘Textual Nature’ highlights nature’s textures

  • November 24, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    Beautiful piece of work Tanner! It effectively reminds us that Nature has a lot to teach us by just listening and watching.


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