Justin Bieber album exceeds expectations

Bailey VenJohn
Online editor

12:01 a.m. November 12, 2015.

Here I am standing in the line at Walmart asking for the new Justin Bieber CD, Purpose. I called a few hours ago and some lady in electronics said the CD would be waiting for me on aisle nine, I explained to the worker.

After a few minutes they find it for me, I pay my 20 bucks and I am now the happiest girl on earth. I rush to the car to put it in the CD player and quickly scroll through listening to the first 15 seconds of each song on my short ride back to campus.

You think I’m crazy? You’re probably right.

I’ve been a Justin Bieber fan for as long as I can remember. I loved the guy when everyone made fun of him saying it sounded like a girl singing on the radio. To this day I have followed him through the ups and downs patiently waiting for him to get his act together and drop another album worth listening to.

He finally did it.

I’ll be the first to admit that his Journals album from 2013 was below par. With that album he went for a different sound, not so much pop, and he slowed it down. As big of a fan as I am, I don’t even own the album let alone hardly know the songs.

In Purpose he found himself again and created some wonderful music. The songs vary from the more popular and pop sounding songs like What Do You Mean? and Sorry to slower songs with deep lyrical meanings and a piano accompaniment such as Purpose.

He also has what I would describe as a dub step sound to it. There are breaks between him singing that really have a catchy beat.A couple songs Bieber sings along with familiar names such as Big Sean, Diplo & Skrillex, and Travis Scott. He also has songs with features from Halsey and NAS.

For me, my favorite song is Love Yourself. From the sounds of the title I originally thought it would be about someone having confidence and loving themselves. I was surprised after listening to find that it actually refers to someone liking the way they look so much they should just love themselves.

It has catchy lyrics and a beat to go along with it. Above that it also has lyrics and a theme that I think most can relate to.

A long with Love Yourself, Purpose is another personal favorite. This song is one where Bieber digs a little deeper and sings about someone giving him purpose. It is just him singing with a piano. I think it showcases his voice well and captures what he wants to achieve with the release of this album.

Bieber has an image to recover and this album is a step in the right direction. He has to prove that he has grown up and matured.

Along with the album Justin Bieber is going on tour. He has concerts planned in both Kansas City, Mo. and Tulsa, Okla. for anyone looking to catch their own glimpse of Bieber. I can guarantee you I will be attending a concert and be the girl crying tears of joy when I first see him, no shame.

If you already love Bieber I hope this CD lives up to your expectations as well as it did mine. For those of you who aren’t Beliebers I recommend you at least give the CD a chance. He has found a new sound and has matured a lot, guarantee you won’t think it’s the same Bieber we’ve always known.

Bailey VenJohn is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at bailey.venjohn@sckans.edu.

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