Reginald Jarrell also known as Reggie was added to the faculty in the school year 2019-2020. The education for Reggie was very important to him, receiving his bachelors in communication at American University, masters in mass communication and journalism attended Iowa State University, receiving his juris doctoring in the University of Iowa, masters in divinity and continuing to pursue his doctorial of ministry at American Baptist Seminary. As Reggie continues to juggle his own education and the education of the students he loves educating and helping others learn what he has learned and help the students succeed. He sees potential in every single one of his students and believes anyone could be great. In the past experience, Reggie wanted to share an advice to anyone wanting to pursue a type of career, “Investigate the career carefully and make sure you have the love and passion for it”. Reggie is excited and ready to take on the challenges he faces throughout the school year. (Anabel Medina/Staff reporter) (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Krysta Wood is one of the new Financial Aid counselors. Wood grew up in Arkansas City where she went to high school at Ark City Christian Academy. She received her associate’s degree from Cowley County Community College in business, her bachelor’s from Wichita State in business, and master’s from Tabor College in business administration. This is the first time Wood has taken a position like this and she enjoys learning new things today. Wood previously works as a contract worker for General Electric, before that she worked for RCB Bank in trusts and investments. “I think it’s important for students to plug in, and learn what they can do to help themselves,” said Wood. She suggests students should help themselves by using their support systems. In her free time, she enjoys freelance writing and going on road trips with her daughter and husband. (Lathe Cobb/Staff reporter/photographer)Garrett Young, head cross country coach, has been in Winfield for about ten weeks. “It has been great so far settling into Winfield and Southwestern. The long tradition and history of success was very appealing to me. When I finally arrived on campus, I fell in love with it,” said Young. He is originally from Kansas City, but spent the last six years in Salina at Kansas Wesleyan University. He is on his third year of coaching and is looking forward to many more. (Mallory Graves/Staff reporter/photographer)Mark Keats came to Southwestern as an English Professor from the Washington D.C area to pursue his passion for literature and teaching. He started out as an English major and got his associate’s degree from Howard Community College, then pursued a master’s degree in fine arts and creative writing. Keats taught for roughly seven years at a community college and then decided to go back to school and get his PHD in English with a concentration in creative writing. So far he likes the smaller feel of Southwestern and the classes he is teaching at the moment. Keats’s passions include teaching and literature. When he is not on campus, he really enjoys reading, writing, running and being outdoors. (Lex Gouyton/Staff reporter/photographer)Conner Wolfe is the new resident director of Wallingford. Wolfe is from Burlington, Washington where he attended his local high school. He participated in Golf, Basketball, and Soccer. He went to college at Eastern Washington University where he majored in sociology. Wolfe enjoys the outdoors doing activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. He also likes trying new foods. When in college Wolfe was a resident assistant, this influenced him to take the position. In addition, he had never been to Kansas so he wanted to try something new. “My favorite part about this is position would be getting to know the residence and getting to know southwestern,” said Wolfe. “It’s cool to go through all the first experiences same as all the first year student like mound building ceremony, rock painting, builder camp.” He is excited to be here and looks forward to continuing to create new experiences with everyone on campus. (Lath Cobb/Staff reporter/photographer)"I am assistant professor of musical theatre. In addition to directing two of the shows in the mainstage season (EURYDICE and LITTLE WOMEN this season), I also teach a variety of courses in both the BA in theatre and the BFA in musical theatre programs. Some of these courses include musical theatre performance, expressive voice, and the musical theatre ensemble Broadway Builders. In addition, I oversee the BFA program in musical theatre with my colleague, Allyson Moon. In terms of research, I look at contemporary musical theatre through the lens of critical race studies and am in the process of developing my dissertation on Michael John LaChiusa into a book." (RJay McCoy/Staff reporter/photographer)Kathryn Perez works in the financial aid office at Southwestern. Before accepting a position here, Perez worked in accounts receivable at Butler junior college. The faculty was friendly and made her feel accepted, which caused her to want to work for SC. The favorite part of her job now is interacting with people; both students that come in, as well as other staff. Perez first became interested in finance because she recognized that it was a difficult subject to talk about, and she wanted to educate people so that they could make smarter choices. Although she was born here in Winfield, Perez grew up in Douglass, about 30 miles north of here. In her free time, Perez can be seen walking around Winfield, admiring the trees and old houses. (Shawn Morris/Staff reporter) (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)David Fritzlen is an accounting professor here at Southwestern. Although he was born in California, Fritzlen grew up here in Winfield. Growing up, his favorite places in town were Island Park and Tunnel Mill Dam. In his free time, Fritzlen enjoys volunteering at the Winfield public library, as well as playing cards with old friends. After taking an economics class in high school, Fritzlen decided to pursue a career in accounting. Before accepting a position at Southwestern, Fritzlen was an accountant and financial advisor for AT&T, until his retirement in 2007. His desire to teach students more than what they could learn in a textbook caused him to want to work for the college. Fritzlen has always loved teaching, which motivated him to come out of retirement and find a career in higher education. So far, his favorite part of working here has been seeing his students engaged in class. Fritzlen loves seeing the look on students’ faces when they understand a topic. (Shawn Morris/Staff reporter) (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Edward Ortiz, head track and field coach, moved here from Corpus Christy, Texas, about two months ago. He has ran since he was 15 years old and has been coaching for 11 years. “The main reason why I love Winfield so much, is because of the dirt roads around here. While running on a soft surface, you also get a view of the beautiful scenery, and it is so much fun,” said Ortiz. (Mallory Graves/Staff reporter/photographer)As the new school year approaches, new students and faculty members begin the journey of a new adventure on campus, including Alex Munoz, the new director of career service. Munoz is alumni from Southwestern College who decided to return to his alma mater to help guide students to the proper career path for life after college. He is known for his upbeat personality and compassion to help reach students into the proper career. His favorite pastime is to play guitar and write music. (Shawn Knepper/Staff reporter/photographer)Amanda Li is from Hong Kong and came to Southwestern to take over the head position in director of choir and voice. Li loves reading, cooking and knitting in her free time. The dishes she enjoys cooking the most are lasagna, Chinese food, chicken and pizza. She loves jigsaw puzzles in her free time. She earned her doctorate in Voice performance. She loves Winfield for the small town feel and the friendly people. (Rjay McCoy/Staff reporter/photographer)Chris Duszka is an assistant professor of criminal justice here at Southwestern. Before accepting a position here, Duszka was a crime analyst for the state of Florida where he grew up. When applying for the job, Duszka was blown away by the atmosphere; the staff was civil and polite, and the students were focused and involved around campus. So far, his favorite part of working here has been learning and observing how students view the world. Duszka has always viewed criminal justice as an integral part of our society and as a result caused him to study criminal justice at Florida International University, where he was a graduate assistant. In his free time, Duszka likes to spend time with his wife and 8-month old son, preferably at Island Park, here in Winfield. (Shawn Morris/Staff reporter/photographer)Evan Daniel, assistant professor of digital arts & new media, was born and raised in New York, but recently lived in Los Angeles before heading back northeast. “I first drove through Kansas on my way from Rhode Island to California and I thought it was absolutely wonderful. When I saw the opening of this job, I was happy to know that it was in Kansas.” Daniel teaches five classes which includes basic information and website design, basic video production, computer game concepts and production, 3D modeling and animation, and television experience. Although he has not been in Winfield for very long, Daniel enjoys grabbing a Rueben sandwich at Biederman’s Bistro & Catering, because it takes him back to his New York roots. When Daniel is not teaching, he enjoys playing with his dog Tripper and memorizing the never-ending number of Pi. (Mallory Graves/Staff reporter/photographer)Brianna Brooks is a financial aid counselor born and raised in Winfield. She also is a tax specialist but plans to focus on her career here. She has goals she wants to achieve within Southwestern but for now she wants to focus on getting more acquainted with the students and the job itself. She has three children and has three degrees. She has an associates in psychology from Cowley Community College, a bachelors in psychology and a bachelors in health care administration both from Southwestern. (Octavius Ford/Staff reporter/photographer)Alleigh Allen is a first year advisor who is originally from Winfield. She has two daughters and likes to read, shop and travel when she is not working. She owns her own modeling agency however; she will be downsizing to lessen the workload. She graduated from Southwestern and looks to get into teaching and mentoring here. (Octavius Ford/Staff reporter/photographer)Every year, Southwestern hires new staff and faculty to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the college. Gena Crow, executive administration assistant, is one of these new hires. She was born and raised in Winfield and is an alumnus of SWC. When asked what she enjoyed the most about her job, Crow said, “I love the interactions with students and staff. I enjoy learning new job functions and meeting people. I love the atmosphere of the college in general!” Crow can be found organizing and managing the equipment room in the basement of Christy, among other important duties involving different departments of the college. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff reporter/photographer)Kelci Feist is the new head cheer and dance coach. She has been coaching since 2009. When she was a junior in high school, she began teaching private lessons to help with stunting and tumbling. Feist is from Deleon, TX, and has been in Winfield for about three months. “It is a big change coming here. Kansas is a lot smaller than Texas,” Feist said. When she is not busy coaching, Feist likes crafting and thrifting. (Mallory Graves/Staff reporter)